Shopee, a SEA Company, was first launched in Shopee Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Shopee Thailand, Taiwan, Shopee Indonesia, Vietnam and also the Shopee philippines. Not only do they need Sellers from SEA, but they even have Shopee Mall requirements.

SEA could be a leader in digital entertainment, eCommerce and digital financial services across the Greater geographical region. SEA’s mission is to raise the lives of consumers and little businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

Shopee web has 197.8 million monthly visits. Shopee is creating convenience for Greater geographical regions and is the leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

One of the correct online store platforms for you is Shopee Malaysia. But first you wish to login to Shopee Malaysia. you’ll sell any item as long as the item doesn’t violate the terms and conditions set by Shopee.

A seller at Shopee are categorised into three kinds of sellers or cellular, namely regular sellers, Star Sellers, and Shopee Mall. Each type has its own advantages. But this text will explain everything you would like to grasp about Shopee Mall guidelines.

In this article you will get information about Shopee Mall commission fee and different between Shopee Mall vs preferred.

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What is Shopee Mall?

What is Shopee Mall? It’s an officer section where legit shops are categorised. Usually, big and renowned brands like CLN, Maybelline, and Sunnies Face are within the Shopee Mall. This permits you to spot which shops are authentic and helps you avoid counterfeits.

Sellers Shopee Malaysia who are licensed to be distributors by famous brands also are given access to be Shopee Mall Sellers. They are also Shopee managed sellers from the Shopee managed sellers.

When you are a Shopee Mall Seller, you may submit some identification and authentication documents so as for Shopee to understand that you just are, indeed, legit.

Sellers who are categorised with this badge are of the very best prestige and are presumably to induce the foremost number of shoppers and successively, a rise in sales, revenue, engagement, and interaction.

Shopee Mall Sellers are Required to?

Shopee Mall authentic is that the style of Seller or the best status for sellers on Shopee for now. And to urge this type of status, there’ll be some important things for you to arrange.

One of the conditions may be a Certificate of holding Rights within the variety of a Brand Certificate or Trademark. in addition to those requirements, there are several other special criteria that you just must meet.

If the shop you own already contains a status as a Shopee Mall, Shopee Mall seller benefits you’ll be able to get include:

  • Will appear on the Shopee com Malaysia page.
  • Your store’s reputation will automatically increase.
  • Then your store sales will certainly increase too.
  • Premium features provided by Shopee.
  • Special promotions given by Shopee.
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Requirements to Become Shopee Mall Seller

Shopee Mall Sellers are official shops that sell their own brand and/or official distributor of a particular brand. A seller is also invited as a https Shopee Mall seller reckoning on the shop’s performance.

Shopee Mall sellers are on boarded on an invitational basis supporting the brand recognition. Shopee will gradually open up to more sellers within the future with certain criteria to be fulfilled. Application to affix as a Shopee Mall seller is open only if requirements are met: 

  • Valid BIR 2303 Certification.
  • Certificate of Registration (own brand).
  • Official distribution licence (official distributor).
  • Registered official shop logo.

How do I Become a Shopee Mall Seller?

Becoming a seller on Shopee Mall Malaysia is by invite-only. Premium business to consumer retail space is reserved to brand owners and authorised distributors. 

How to register as Shopee Mall? Shopee Mall policies must be followed so as to become a Shopee Mall Seller.

  • Firstly, items must be 100% authentic.
  • Second, your store must have a 15-day return or refund policy.
  • Third, you want to offer free shipping for items (refer to the image below) or a choice to subscribe to Shopee’s integrated logistical channels.
  • Fourth, Shopee Mall sellers will adhere to the quality commission charges.

The commission fee is a charge on all completed transactions created with Shopee Mall. a typical percentage is going to be charged in respect to the categories of the things.

It is also assumed that Shopee Mall Sellers ensure their shoppers experience positive shopping and that they answer customer enquiries on chat with a vigorous status. Interested Shopee Mall sellers can contact Shopee’s Customer Service Team here to use and email the subsequent requirements:

  • Contact Information (Shopee Username, sign, Email Address)
  • ACRA bizfile
  • Letter of Authorization (LOA)
  • HD Brand Logo
  • Link to brand site

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One tool that’s really cool about being a seller on Shopee is the ability to form your own vouchers. Sellers are able to create vouchers for any of their listed products and entice buyers to buy more products. With My Vouchers, you’ll be able to easily create vouchers specific to your shop, or maybe vouchers applied to specific products in your shop.

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