As you know, Shopee is a huge marketplace where many sellers and buyers meet and do some transactions. Selling in Shopee will be a great decision but before you can sell things in Shopee, you need to create your account. Are you curious on how to do Shopee create seller account? Let’s check this out!

How do I Set Up a Shopee Account as a Seller?

If you are intending to sell things online, you need to do some research on what is the best marketplace to sell your products. If you choose Shopee, you might be questioned on how to be a Shopee seller Malaysia.

To be a Shopee seller is not difficult, you need to set up your Shopee seller account first. Here are the steps on how to do it.

  • Step 1 – You have to download the Shopee apps in your electronic devices and then click sign up
  • Step 2 – Fill in all the required data there and also you need to verify your email and phone number
  • Step 3 – Then, you need to go to Shopee seller center and click on the shop profile to complete your shop account
  • Step 4 – After that, you can upload the products you want to sell directly
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Basics Of Selling On Shopee

Many people question whether they can sell things in Shopee without a product. And yes, you can sell things without products in Shopee. This selling method is known as dropshipping Shopee. So how to sell in Shopee without product then? The way to be a dropshipper is the same when you are an online seller. Here are the basics of selling on Shopee you need to know.

Product Descriptions

After uploading your product listing doesn’t mean your tasks are done. You need to write your product description. This product description will give the customer’s detailed information about your products. That’s why you need to write down your product description completely and in detail. You can use bullets to emphasize the important information of your product.

Product Image Quality

Your product image is also important. You need to use a high quality image and video of your product to attract your customer’s attention.

Use Keywords To Optimize Your Product Listings

To optimize your product listing, you need to use a good keyword and also related to your keyword. By using the related Shopee keyword tool, it will help you to increase your product search result rank.

Campaign in Social Media

Another Shopee seller requirement you need to do is do a promotion and campaign. You can do your business campaign in social media such as Instagram Business, Youtube, Facebook and so on. You can also target your audience too.

Use Automation Features

Even if you are not doing Shopee login or maybe you are asleep, you can still keep productive by using the automation features which help to provide cost-effectiveness. 

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How Do I Set Up My Shop?

To set up your shop, you need to download your Shopee app account first then follow the steps as mentioned above but you need to remember there are 3 main things you need to provide when setting up your shop such as:

Shop Name

To make your customer find you easily, of course you need a shop name. Just create a shop name that reflects your shop and the products you offer.

Images And Videos

To attract your buyer, you need to use the high quality images and videos of your product. For your information, you can add up to 5 product’s images and videos in your product listing

Shop description

Don’t forget to write your shop description to let your customers know about your shop.


Here are the frequently asked questions you need to know.

How do I Become a Seller In Shopee Malaysia?

If you want to be Shopee seller, you need to set up your shop first. How to set up the shop? You can sign up through the Shopee seller center but before that don’t forget to download your Shopee app first. After you have downloaded, you need to fill in all the data needed there and verify your phone number as well as your email. 

Once you have done that, you can sell in Shopee already. You can also use Shopee seller chat features to communicate with your customer.

After that, you need to make sure that you have read all the Shopee policies regarding the prohibited things to sell, shipping guide and many more. You need to obey all the policies or your account might freeze. For your additional information, there is a badge in Shopee. To get your customer’s trust, you need to work hard to get the badge because there are many criterias for it.

Is It Free To Sell On Shopee?

You might question whether you need to pay to sell on Shopee. Here is the good news, you will not be asked for a selling fee when selling things in Shopee and you don’t need SSM to be Shopee seller.

How Do Shopee Sellers Get Paid?

Are you curious about Shopee seller fee? How to get the payment. For your information, your seller payout will be paid to your seller’s wallet automatically once your customer has received the products they bought from your shop.

This payment will be transferred to the seller when the order has been completed. Customers need to click the received button after they have received and checked the product they buy. If they forget to click the received button, you will need to wait until the Shopee guarantee period ends.

If you want to withdraw your payment, you can take these steps such as:

  • Go to Shopee seller center
  • Choose seller wallet account
  • Then click my balance
  • After that, insert your password then choose withdraw
  • Then the payment will get into your account automatically
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