What is PPC? Implementing a PPC campaign goals is one of the most effective ways to boost your brand presence and get new leads. If managed successfully, you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) by 50% or even more. 

A successful PPC campaign requires a lot of research and strategic planning. You need to stay consistent with your methods to accomplish your objectives. This article will tell you what a PPC campaign is and everything you need to know.

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How Can PPC Help You Grow Your Business in Malaysia?

How to run a PPC campaign? PPC abbreviated for pay-per-click is a form of internet marketing where the advertisers pay an amount every time the ad is clicked. It also drives more website traffic. It can be considered a way to buy visits to your website. Here are the benefits of PPC campaign goals to grow your business.

Contribute to Business Goals

Business goals must be met for a successful business. PPC helps to get more response thereby trying to reach the business goals. PPC is a good and powerful tool to get additional website traffic and align it to reach your business goals.

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Get to the Right Audience

For a PPC campaign, you should properly choose the location and time your ads should appear by analyzing various factors that include location, keywords, device, website, time and date.

You can segment your market for the PPC advertising advantage to reach the right audience. Due to this reason, PPC is important for any online business to get more visibility.

Increase Website Traffic

Another importance of PPC is that PPC advertising increases website traffic. When you have a beautiful website for your business, you need people to check it out to make it beneficial. 

Having PPC advertising for your business brings more traffic to your website as it appears on the search engine’s first page thereby increasing the chance of your visibility.

Increase in Sales

People who purchase products or services first perform thorough research on the products. When a person researches a specific product or service, the probability of purchase is more. 

PPC advertising focuses on the targeted audience thereby increasing the sales. When customers are happy about your products and services, they are inclined to come again.

Setting Your PPC Goals : Why Is It Important?

Just like search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing strategies, goal setting is the initial and most important step when launching a PPC campaign. 

This determines the PPC strategy template and project workflow. Without knowing your objectives, it can be difficult for you to track your progress and measure success.

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Before creating a PPC plan, take the time to think about your business goals. This should help you identify your specific objectives allocated to your paid ads campaigns and budget, as well.

What Makes a Successful PPC Campaign in Malaysia?

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are an effective way to increase your online exposure in a short period of time while providing you with qualified leads. Here are 5 factors of a successful PPC campaign in Malaysia.

The Offer

Your PPC topics is an online version of advertising and like all types of advertising, the offer is a crucial part of the campaign.  

Regardless of your business or industry, your campaign must revolve around a compelling offer. When creating your PPC ads, make sure your offer is a true deal and value for potential prospects.

Ad Copy

Once you’ve set up your campaign and decided upon your particular offer, the next step is creating relevant ad copy that will clearly transmit your message to your prospects.  

Your ad copy should be directly related to your particular offer and be compelling enough that it will make your prospects click on your ad.

Landing Page

Attracting prospects to your website is just half the battle. While the main objective of a PPC campaign is increasing traffic to your website, your landing page is the deciding factor when it comes to turning prospects into customers.  

Keyword Bid Management

Your PPC campaign is constantly changing and relies on continuous refinement. Careful bid management is key to saving you money on your campaign.  

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Your key goal when managing your keywords is to maximize your cost per click. Understanding which keywords convert the most can help you bid intelligently for a better return on your investment.


A solid campaign relies on defining relevant keywords that match your particular industry, products and services. You can think of your keywords as the backbone of your campaign.  Keyword research and competitive analysis are key to selecting keywords.  

However, managing your keywords does not end there. Your campaign may require adding new keywords or eliminating non-converting keywords for optimal results.

What are Three Keys Elements When Running a PPC Campaign in Malaysia?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective ways of getting website clicks. Here are 3 key elements when running a PPC campaign in Malaysia.

Reducing Your Average CPC and Controlling Any Wasted Spend

One of the main objectives of PPC advertising is reducing how much you spend, which is why keeping your eye on wasted spend and reducing your CPC is important. Here are 2 key points to help you achieve this goal.

Long Tail Keywords

Similar to true love, valuable long-tail keywords are rare. However, once they’re found, they can really benefit your campaign.

According to data research, single-word phrases are competitive and therefore quite costly. On the other hand, long-tail keywords (4 or more words) are less competitive and a lot cheaper.

Negative Keywords For Less Wasted Spend

Negative keywords prevent your ad from being triggered by a certain phrase or word. This means, for people who are searching for that phrase, your ad won’t be shown.

Negative keywords don’t cost you any money to set up, which makes it something free that will save you money.

Increase Your Roas

Here are some tips on how you can properly manage your ROAS. In other words, how much of your ad spend you get back from your campaign efforts.

Multiple Devices and Bids Adjustment

By setting different bids for mobile, desktop and tablet devices, you’ll be able to improve your ROAS since you won’t be spending as much on certain devices that aren’t as popular with your specific audience.

Time and Location in Bids Adjustment

This works similarly to adjusting device bids. By simply adjusting your bids, based on the location of the query and time of day, you’ll be able to reduce your wasted spend.

Boost Your ROI

Your return on investment or ROI is very important, However, what makes it even more important is its relationship with Quality Score.

Quality Score and Google Ads ROI

Understanding the overarching role of the Quality Score through Google is important. If you have a quality score of 7 or higher, Google will offer you a discount, compared to what others are paying for that specific click. This discount can save you anywhere upwards of 50%.

Google Ads ROI Technicalities

On the reverse side of things, if you have a quality score of 6, your overall cost is slightly raised. If you sink down towards a score of 1 or 2, then getting a solid Google Ads ROI is impossible.

How to Set Goals for Your PPC Campaign?

There are a few things to know if you want to set smart goals for PPC campaign in Malaysia.

Assess Your Business Needs

Considering your business needs will also help identify your goals for your PPC campaigns. What are you trying to achieve from your paid search objectives ads? Why do you think your business needs a pay-per-click strategy? 

Answering these questions puts you in the right direction when creating a PPC plan that aligns with your business goals.

Define Achievable And Challenging Goals

Set clear, specific and realistic PPC goals. On the flip side, goals should be challenging and may involve complex steps to achieve. If the goals are too easy, what’s the point? 

Each goal should inspire you and your team because it’s challenging but with the strategic planning and data-driven solution (and a bit of tenacity), it’s totally achievable.

Establish Short- And Long-Term Goals

In PPC, you can set goals for any timeframe. They could be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the scope of your campaigns. 

Establishing goals for these timeframes is ideal for PPC campaigns. Short-term goals create benchmarks for a wider scope or high-level accounts. On the other hand, long-term goals determine the overall performance of your pay-per-click strategy.

Analyze Goal Performance

Analyzing goal performance is vital to every digital marketing agency campaign. Don’t just focus on hitting the goal. You also need to determine why or how you achieved the results. The same thing goes for objectives you didn’t hit. 

Find out the root cause and how to resolve them. Remember, learning is the best thing you can get from this process.

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Common PPC Goals : Which One Is Best for Your Business?

Boost Site Traffic

One of the advantages of PPC advertising is you can easily quantify the results of your campaign by looking into the number of clicks and impressions your ads receive. You can also set the target number of impressions you want to reach daily or weekly. 

Gauge brand awareness by referring to the click-through-rate (CTR), which allows you to see the volume of engagement for your current ads.

Increase Sales or Leads

If your goal is to generate more sales or leads, focus on getting more conversions. Utilize the PPC conversion tracking tool and evaluate significant data. 

For instance, if you notice that the long-tailed keyword “best PPC agency in Malaysia” is giving you more conversions than other keywords in that category, then it’s better to allocate more of your budget to that keyword.

Improve Brand Awareness

If you’re aiming to raise brand awareness, divert your focus on getting a larger target audience. Find ways to create more positive engagement. Usually, PPC specialists recommend launching promotions or featuring your best products to drive more impressions.


You may have similar goals, but take note that each business is unique and still requires specific plans and key performance indicators (KPIs) to focus on. Reflect on your business needs and requirements. From there, you can easily determine the right goals to set for your pay-per-click campaign. 

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