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What Is A Misleading Discount?

If you want to discount your product price, you might be curious on how to change price in Shopee. As a popular marketplace in Malaysia, Shopee has many sellers, buyers and also the products available. For your information, there are 4 stages of the sales funnel before buyers decide to buy your products such as awareness, engagement, conversion and retention.

To attract buyers to buy your products, Shopee sellers can offer promotions or vouchers to their buyers. The question is how to set discount on Shopee? Here is how to set a discount.

  • Step 1 – Log in to your seller account.
  • Step 2 – Click My Shop under Me tab.
  • Step 3 – Select on Marketing center.
  • Step 4 – Choose Discount Promotions.
  • Step 5 – Select on create new discount.
  • Step 6 – Fill in all the discount voucher details that you want to make such as discount name, start time, end time, the maximum discount price Shopee and minimum purchase limit.
  • Step 7 – Choose the product you want to be in your discount promotion.
  • Step 8 – You can set any product variation if you have any by using the variation button and adjust the discount settings for each variation.
  • Step 9 – After you have set all the details, complete your discount promotion creation by clicking save button.

You can also end the promotion but how to remove Shopee promotion? You can end the promotion by deactivating the promotion button. For your information, there are 2 types of vouchers you can create such as:

  • Product voucher which is only available for specific product.
  • Shop voucher which is can be used to all product you sell in your shop.

How to create discount voucher in Shopee? You can get the answer by looking at seller education Shopee. Here are the ways how to create a discount voucher.

  • Go to Shopee seller center and choose marketing center.
  • Then you need to select on vouchers.
  • Click to create a new voucher. You can choose whether you want to create shop or product voucher.
  • After you choose the voucher you want to create, you need to fill in the voucher details like minimum purchase.
  • After you have set the details, click the save button. Then the voucher will appear on your shop homepage.

Besides the usual discount, have you ever heard about a misleading discount? So what is a misleading discount? Misleading discount is a discount that is offered by the seller by increasing the product’s original price.

The situation of increasing the original price is such a price manipulation which is prohibited in Shopee because it will create a false impression of the actual discount. Besides that, it will also affect buyers’ trust.

What would happen if the seller made a misleading discount? So for sellers who are giving a misleading discount will get consequences such as the product listing will be deleted, seller will get the penalty points under the Seller Penalty Point System. Once the seller gets many penalty points, their selling privileges might get removed.

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How Is Misleading Discount Identified?

You need to know that misleading discounts are not allowed in Shopee. By making the misleading discount, you will be marked as not trusted shop and seller. How is a misleading discount identified? To identify whether there is a fake discount, Shopee will look at the historical price change log and the promotional discount you offer compared to the original price.

Markup Original Price + Promotion

A misleading discount is the situation where sellers increase their product price before starting to offer a promotion to exaggerate the discount given so the combination of original price marked up and offer a promotion indicates a discount manipulation to buyers which will affect the customers’ trust.

Promotional Price > Original Price

As informed before, misleading discounts are the situation where the seller increases the original price before starting the promotion. Not only that will be identified as a misleading price. If the promotional price is higher than the original one, it will also be indicated as a fake discount.

This combination of markup and promotion will make the promotional price higher than the original price which is misleading to buyers. But if you think the increasing of original prices are essential, you need to provide Shopee with a proof. Here are the proof you need to submit such as:

  • The Authorized documentation indicate of valid taxation price increase or currency conversion.
  • The Authorized price adjustment documentation from brand principle/manufacturer / authorized distributor.

Once you submit the required documents, Shopee will then review, verify and also address it with appropriate measurement. The document review will take around 3 working days.

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Here are the frequently asked question about misleading discount you need to know such as:

What Happens If You Are Flagged With Misleading Discount?

As informed in Shopee announcement, misleading discount is prohibited so if you flagged with misleading discount, your shop will be banned, your listing will be deleted, you will get penalty points and you will be marked as not a trusted seller and if you are wrongly banned for a fake discount, you need to prove yourself by submitting the required documents. 

What are the Acceptable Proofs?

Here are the documents you need to submit such as:

  • The Authorized documentation indicate of valid taxation price increase or currency conversion.
  • The Authorized price adjustment documentation from brand principle/manufacturer/ authorized distributor.

Once you have submitted the documents, your proof will be reviewed and validated by Shopee in 3 working days and might get rejected if there is incomplete one.

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What Happens If I Press The Confirm Button Or Violate This Policy?

When you violate this policy or confirm button might lead you for penalties and permanent deletion of your product listing which includes reviews, sold count and others.


A misleading discount or fake discount is a situation where the seller marks up the original price before offering a discount. This is prohibited because it can bring the false impression and your shop will be marked as not trusted.

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