Manual Click Fraud Prevention is the way to prevent a click fraud to your websites. But what does click fraud mean?

Click fraud is the illegally clicking act on pay per click or known as PPC ads to increase site revenue or to exhaust a company’s advertising budget. Click fraud happens when a human or a software program (script) clicks on ads posing as legitimate users but without any intention of following through with a purchase.

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Are you wondering who is responsible for click fraud? This article will give you all the information about Click fraud and the tips on how to stop competitors clicking on my AdWords. Are you ready? Let’s check this article out!

Fine Tune Your Targeting

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The first Google Ads click fraud prevention you can do is fine tune your targeting. If you choose broad targeting, it means your ad campaign is wide open to click fraud. As you know that click fraud occurs when someone clicks on your ads as legitimate users but not intention for any purchase. So that to minimise your chance to get this Adwords click bot and invalid traffic to your ads, you need to set your own target especially demographic targeting.

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You can choose the geographic or countries you want to advertise your ads at. You can also exclude all the countries or some location that you don’t want your sites to be valid there. Beside that, you may also choose the specific town or zip codes. This geo-targeting is important and really works to reduce the click fraud on your ads.

Monitor Your Traffic Daily

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You need to monitor your websites’ traffic. You can use the click fraud detection machine learning to detect and monitor your site’s daily traffic. You might be questioning why we need to monitor the website’s daily traffic? It is because of the suspicious activity on your websites. 

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Fraudulent traffic with high volumes of clicks with low conversions can come to tour sites but usually it is not necessarily consistent. If it keeps coming several times, you have to be careful and spot the pattern because it is difficult to predict when a traffic surge will happen to your sites. 

To avoid those click fraud, you can try to use the best click fraud protection by doing the monitoring of your websites. Try to take a look at it everyday whether in the morning and afternoon. Don’t forget to record your website traffic if you see any suspect activity and try to identify what has caused the surge.

Set Up IP Exclusion Lists

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After you monitor your website as mentioned above, you might see the suspect activity and want to block some IP addresses that do the click fraud.  Here are Click frauds examples that you need to block.

  • Clicking at unusual or irregular times.
  • Multiple clicks in short time frames.
  • Unusually high traffic.

But manually blocking IP addresses is not as easy as you think. It can be tricky too because it is hard to know what the traffic is doing exactly. Sometimes you can get multiple clicks to your sites from your business rival so that you need to be extra careful before blocking the user’s IP address.

You can use an automated click fraud solution with an IP blacklist such as ClickCease to help you handle this matter.  Here are the reasons why you must try ClickCease to help you with this matter:

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  • ClickCease are the leading industry for click fraud prevention solution with over 2 millions campaigns protected worldwide.
  • ClickCease has the biggest and fastest growing IP exclusion list of known fraud sources.
  • ClickCease is easy to set up and offers an intuitive approach.
  • ClickCease will give you invaluable additional insight into your campaign.
  • Most of ClickCease clients see the big improvement to their ad spends and their ROAS within the days of getting started.

Check Your Display Ad Placements

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The other way to prevent the fake clicks is by checking your display ad placement. But do you know that you can check where your ads banner has been displayed? You can follow Google’s instructions to check and see if the site is quality or not.

Many sites are simply set to host ads then the publisher uses the poor quality traffic to their sites inflate the pay out from ad revenue which is classic ad fraud behaviour. If you see a lot of poor quality and plagiarism content with a lot of ad banner and pop ups in sites, it might be designed specifically for ad fraud.

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Although Google and other ad platforms have clamped this matter down for several years, we still can find them out there. That’s why we need to protect our sites from this fraud clicks activity by checking your display ad placements and checking out any suspicious sites delivering traffic that seems too good to be true.

Don’t Run Your Ads 24/7

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The last way to prevent Google AdWords fake clicks is by not running your ads for 24 hours in 7 days. Running ads everyday for 24/7 does not mean you will reach the highly profitable target but you also will get a high chance for the click fraud.

The ads which advertise and run outside of your time zones will get more chances to get hit by fake clicks and bots from other geo or countries. To prevent this from happening to your ads, you can use dayparting techniques. These techniques will help you to stop and start your ads at the best time to target genuine users.


Click fraud is the illegal practice of spoofing pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements to increase site revenue or to deplete a company’s advertising budget. Click fraud happens from different sources at different times and sometimes be carried out by a site’s own owners to artificially boost its ad revenue.

Click fraud is usually committed for two reasons such as to reduce competition among advertisers or to generate revenue by gaming the PPC advertising system.

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