What is a Lazada product image? In the world of ecommerce, a product image in marketing is worth a thousand words and the images you choose can ultimately make or break your conversion rate.

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Customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to online shopping and it’s your job to make sure they like what they see. The right visuals can help you sell products faster than any other marketing material or strategy. If there isn’t enough information to give your customers confidence in their purchase they simply won’t buy.

The good news is that the proper photography and imagery will show off your products in their best light. It will also empower potential customers by telling them exactly what they will get and how to use it.

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So what does it take to create that perfect product listing for your store? Luckily, this article got you covered with this comprehensive guide to ecommerce imagery on Lazada.

This article will discuss the importance of having the right images to sell your products and how visually optimizing your product images will improve your results.

Why Do You Need a Product Image To Sell In Lazada Malaysia?

When you’re selling products in Lazada or shopee malaysia, you still have the experience to offer. When customers see that your images convey consistency (great lighting, consistency in brand colours and cohesive lifestyle images and graphics), it builds trust. It shows you know what you’re doing and that you are presenting your product image in business accurately.

Selling on Lazada official store, sellers need to upload products or even mass upload Lazada, and when you upload products, you need to upload images of products. Because for Lazada products review, only both products and images are required, can products be reviewed.

But most sellers always delay the product review because of product images. Therefore, for sellers on Lazada, you need to know the specific requirement for Lazada pictures.

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First, in order to upload the image, you need lazada malaysia login to the Lazada seller center. After that, you can start to upload pictures. And there are some requirements for Lazada’s images.

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  • Every product listing must have three images minimum, and eight maximum
  • These images must be sized 500 x 500 (smallest), with the largest limit set at 2000 x 2000 resolution
  • Your product images must have a white background, “contain 80% of the canvas,” and not be deemed obscene
  • The featured product must be unwrapped and be the clear focus in the photos
  • No watermarks or graphics

You have three options for product photos. You can download them from official brand websites and press rooms, do your own product photography with a high-resolution digital camera and a lightbox, or hire a listed service provider from the Lazada Service Marketplace.

Videos can also be used to spruce up your product listing. However, take note that Lazada doesn’t like when sellers link to unboxing videos or product-review vlogs.

How to Optimize a Lazada Product Image to Help Boost Your Sales?

When creating product listings, many sellers look at product listings from a seller’s perspective, not a buyer’s. This article is providing some tips for your product images on the buyers’ perspective so you can optimize your product listings to fit their needs.

These are actionable optimization strategies for your product images that you can implement, whether this is your first item, or it’s an existing item to convert sales on Lazada.

Emotionally Connect With Your Buyers

Before creating a new product listing, the most important thing to keep in mind to create a highly converting product listing is to put your buyer’s cap on, do not think too much as a seller but as a buyer.

Lazada is getting more and more competitive everyday with more than 125,000 sellers competing for page views on Lazada. As one of the lazada seller malaysia, you need to stand out from the competitors by creating product listings that can emotionally resonate with the buyers.

So how do you know what your buyers are looking for? There are two types of customers:

  1. The ones who already know what they want and quickly purchase one product.
  2. The ones that do random searches to bring them to certain options and have no decisions made up.

Not all customers entering Lazada know specifically which products they want to buy. So as a seller, you need to focus on customer type 2 to catch their attention by using the right types of images. Having good catching product images therefore is the first step to get the buyers clicking on your product listing and converting.

Types of Images You Should Use

Main Product Image

This is the image that appears on the search results along with other competitors. Your main image should have high-fidelity and be able to show the details of your product when zooming in. Make sure to have a white background, with no extra text around.

One of the common mistakes is that the main image picture does not fill up the white area to the edge of the picture frame, making the product image look smaller compared to other products in the search results.

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Lifestyle Image

This type of image shows your product in action, or lifestyle settings. This helps to emotionally connect with your buyers as it is a good way to show how your product proportionally looks in real life.

Infor-Graphics Image

Images with text and graphics to illustrate more details about the product, such as instructions how to use, or details on different sizes of a product.

Niche Themes of Your Products

Depending on the type of your products, there are different niche themes that you can connect with your buyers. Product listings with the right niche theme can resonate well with the buyers as they provide the details and type of images the buyers are looking for.


Download lazada malaysia, the rise of ecommerce has made it more critical than ever to have quality product photography and a strong brand presence. High-quality images will entice customers who may not be able to see the products in person or touch them before they buy. The best images show them not only what you are selling but why they should buy it.

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