If you intend to be a Shopee seller, you might be curious on how to start Shopee business. In this article, we will discuss how to start a Shopee business and how to find top products to be sold in Shopee? Are you ready? Let’s check this out!

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Why Should I Start Business In Shopee?

Most of you must know what Shopee is. As one of the most visited and most leading marketplace, Shopee is the best place to start your business. The question is how to start Shopee business? To start your business, you need to do Shopee my login first. But before you start your business in Shopee, you need to know the reasons why you should start selling on Shopee. Here are the reasons for you.

There Is No Upfront Cost

The first reason why you need to start selling in Shopee is because there is no upfront cost in Shopee. You can start selling as long as you have done the Shopee sign up.

Higher Traffic

The second reason is traffic. As one of the most visited marketplace sites, selling in Shopee can be the best decision because you don’t work really hard to get higher traffic.

No Need To Worry About The Logistics

The third reason is you don’t need to worry about the logistics option when selling things in Shopee because there are many shipping option Shopee available there. Shopee sellers can choose whether they want the products to be picked up or dropped off.

Free Live Streaming Platform

Selling on live streaming is popular nowadays. Shopee has a feature that you can use to live stream. This feature is called Shopee Live. To use this feature, you only need to register and wait for approval. Once it is approved, you can start using this feature to sell and interact with your customers.

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How To Start Business In Shopee?

After you know the advantages of selling in Shopee, you might be curious on how to start selling on Shopee? Before you can start your business in Shopee, of course you need to register Shopee malaysia first. Here is how to become Shopee seller

Step 1 –  Download Shopee App 

The first step to be a Shopee seller is you have to download the Shopee App from your Google Play Store and Apple App store.

Step 2: Register Your Shopee Account

After you have downloaded the Shopee App, you need to register your Shopee account in the Shopee seller center. You can register by using your phone number, Facebook account and also Facebook account. For your additional information, you need to create your Shopee username properly because you can’t change it later.

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Step 3: Set Up Shipping

After you register your Shopee seller account, you need to set up your shipping. You can choose the available shipping courier such as Shopee Express, J&T Express, DHL eCommerce, PosLaju and many more.

Step 4: List Your Product

After you have done all the steps mentioned above, now it is the time to list your product and make your product listing. Don’t forget to add high quality photos of your products and also the available color and size.

How To Find Top Products To Sell In Shopee?

How to do business in Shopee? Before you start your business, you need to know what products you want to sell. You have to find the top products for better sales. Here are the reasons why you need to find products to sell in Shopee which are.

  • Help sellers to identify their Customers
  • Help sellers to determine their ad targeting
  • Help sellers to get higher sales
  • Help seller for sustainable in the long-term

So how to find top products? Here are the tips for you.

Do The Conduct Market Research

For better sales, you need to find good products to be sold in your shop. To get good products, of course you need to conduct market research so that you will know what products are on trend and have a high demand.

Find A Customer Pain Point 

Know your customer pain points and connect it to the products you sell. Make your products the way to solve their problems.

You have to find what are the trending products nowadays and what are your customers’ hobbies so that you can create products that help them with their passion. By knowing what products are on trend, it can help your business in Shopee.

Look At Shopee Top Products Research

Another way to find the products to sell, you need to research what products are most researched on Shopee. You can try to look at ssl Shopee website and navigate to top products on the homepage to see the most researched products on Shopee.

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What Am I Going To Get If I Become A Seller In Shopee?

When you become a Shopee seller, you can get many benefits such as higher traffic, brand awareness, product visibility and also it helps to increase your sales. But to get all the benefits, you must put in some effort too. What are the efforts for better sales? Here are things you must do, such as:

  • Fulfillment – You have to ship your customer’s order on time to build their trust and loyalty and don’t ever cancel your customer’s order.
  • Authentic Listing – build your customer’s trust by selling what you post on your listing and provide the accurate product description.
  • Good Response – you have to give a good response to your customer by giving friendly replies to your customer’s queries.
  • Do marketing – To drive more traffic, you need to market and campaign your products.


Shopee is one of the popular marketplace that has higher traffic. But before you start your business in Shopee, you need to know what products you want to sell. You have to find the top products for better sales and traffic in Shopee.

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