Want to get extra income aside from your salary? Nowadays, starting a business has been a lot easier. You don’t need to prepare lots of resources but still be able to start a business. Come and learn how to start an online business in Shopee through this article. Get all the essential information to take notes and prepare to be a successful entrepreneur! 

How Do I Start an Online Shopee Business?

Shopee is one of the most popular e-commerce websites throughout Southeast Asia. Anyone can easily register and start selling with Shopee. Although there will be a Shopee Seller fee to cover for payment gateway by service providers, it’s still considered cheaper than having to open an offline store.

Before you start selling through Shopee, you will have to register for a Shopee Seller Account first. To be able to do that, you will have to do the following steps:

  • Download the Shopee App through Google Play Store (Android), App Store (iOS), or BlueStack (PC).
  • Launch the App, then go to profile for doing account registration for free.
  • There are a few options for registration. You can register Shopee by using your phone number or connect it with your Google Account, Facebook Account, or Apple ID.
  • If you are using a phone number, you will have to insert the verification code, which Shopee sends through a message to your registered number.

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How Do I Start Selling on Shopee?

Now that you have a Shopee account for buyers, you will have to do the following steps to be able to sell products, those are:

Create an Account

Remember that a buyer account is different from a seller account. But you can use the same account to start selling. Just remember to create a proper and professional username for your seller account. 

Go to the Seller Centre

To set up a username for your account, you can access the “Shop Profile” menu through Seller Center from the website after Shopee seller login.

There are a few main components of Shop Profile you have to pay attention to, such as;

  • Shop name: make sure to choose a unique name that is easy to remember with around a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 30 characters in the English alphabet, number, underscore, or dots.
  • Images and videos: you can upload up to five photos or videos to introduce your brand and company’s product along with your company.
  • Description: Here, you can write about your shop’s history, unique points, and shipping address / where your shop is located.

List Your Products

To start becoming Shopee Seller Malaysia, you will have to upload your products. Follow these steps to finish your first product’s listing:

  • Click the “Add New Products” menu on Seller Center.
  • Input your product’s name and select the correct category of your products before clicking on the “next” button.
  • Input the details of your product such as descriptions, category, brand, the material used, shipping cost, and the stock available.
  • Recheck every data you input before clicking “Save and Publish”.

When listing products, don’t forget to insert the correct information of your product’s weight and dimension, including the external package, to avoid overcharged shipping fees. Also, since visuals are essential in online business, make sure you upload the best quality of your product’s picture from a few different angles. 

Shopee will review each of the listings you publish, so make sure you read the rules about what items can be sold and what kind of item is illegal or prohibited to sell through Shopee. 

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Setup Shipping Options

One of the Shopee Seller requirements you have to fulfil is enabling the supported logistics system of Shopee. Of course, you can also add your delivery options. Still, by allowing Shopee Supported Logistics and Shoppe Logistics Service, you only need to arrange shipment. The courier will pick up the package, which is very convenient for those who don’t have enough time to deliver the order to the nearest logistics dealer personally.

To activate shipping, you can go to the “My Shipping” menu section and toggle the partnered logistics service to enable it. To ensure your order doesn’t automatically get cancelled by the Shopee system, you have to arrange a shipment within two days after the payment is confirmed, excluding the national holidays and weekends.

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Tips To Be A Successful Entrepreneur On Shopee

Having an online store alone is not enough. You will have to consider the few followings stuff before setting up your store:

Choose Your Shopee Username

The username is your store’s identity, so you will have to think of a name that represents your business or describes your products so it will be easier for the market to remember and identify your store. Avoid using a character that is hard to spell or remember and think about the username thoroughly before setting it.

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Pay Attention To Your Shop Appearance

Visual is essential, especially for online stores, because that’s how you attract customers, so they’re willing to visit your shop. Four significant factors influence customers to make a buying decision, such as:

  • Who is behind a brand, and how is the brand’s image is represented;
  • What are the product and the product’s image;
  • How are the products being described;
  • The way other consumers reviewed the products.

From there, we can conclude that the image and the appearance of both store and products are critical parts of the decision-making process. Hence, putting some effort into decorating your store might be beneficial.

Knows Your Shopee Badge

Aside from pricing and deals, buyers tend to compare products and buy from stores with a good Shopee badge. Customers often feel safer buying from a store with a badge because they consider it more trustworthy.

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Shopee is one of the most popular e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia and is managed under the SEA Group. By starting an online business with Shopee, you have a higher chance to earn more and expand your business faster.

Starting from March 2020, Shopee seller fee Malaysia charged 6% of the total transaction fee to cover payment gateway fees by the service providers. This transaction fee is being charged to the seller based on the final order amount paid by the buyer (including the shipping fee) with calculations such as:

A buyer purchases merchandise for RM 15 but uses the seller’s discount voucher for RM 5 during the checkout. So the transaction fee charged by Shopee to the seller is:

(Total selling price – Discount Voucher)*6% = (RM 15 – RM 5)*6% = RM 0.06.

However, you can get a lower transaction fee at a promotional rate of 1% if you know how to trade in Shopee COD. You can see various ways  “how to sell Shopee COD” on the internet to give more shipping options for customers. The benefit of selling online through Shopee is that you can sell without stocking any product. You can learn how to sell in shopee without products in our other article.

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