How to set up shop in Shopee? Before that does one know what Shopee is? So Shopee is now the most important online marketplace in Malaysia. With an estimated 38million visitors a month, it’s undoubtedly the #1 go-to shopping site in Malaysia in 2020.

Shopee seller centre popularity amongst buyers means one thing for sellers and potential sellers: the next opportunity to form money on the platform compared to all or any other marketplaces. Even for the tiniest sellers on Shopee, you’ll have the most effective chance of getting more eyeballs on your product and store.

In this article you’ll get information about set up shop in Shopee, like Shopee decoration, SSL Shopee, and how to create Shopee checkout here!

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How to Set Up a Store in Shopee Malaysia?

As one of the leading online buying and selling platforms in geographic region, Shopee can facilitate your attracting customers during the initial phase of your business.

Visibility is a very important aspect when generating sales online. Shopee can facilitate your therewith through their ever-growing marketing and promotional activities that give seller products the eye they have to come up with sales.

  • Register Shopee Malaysia on www shopee com my sign up by clicking join up. you may then must add and verify your telephone number and email to confirm that your account and merchandise listings are visible to potential buyers.
  • Go to the vendor Centre and click on Shop Profile to complete your shop profile.

There are 3 Main Components to Your Shop Profile

Shopee is an e-commerce platform that connects buyers with sellers. For sellers, Shopee acts as the technology provider, enabling sellers to reveal their products to Shopee’s large user base. On Shopee, sellers also get a mess of features that help them with boosting sales, and customer service.

For buyers, Shopee is the middle-man, holding their money and releasing it to sellers only after they have successfully received their orders.

While it’s free for both buyers and sellers to form an account on Shopee, Shopee charges sellers a payment and sales commissions. In Malaysia, Shopee’s biggest competitor is Lazada.

  • Choose a particular and memorable shop name that reflects your shop and products while adhering to Shopee’s Shop Naming Guidelines.
  • Upload up to five media (images and/or videos) to allow your shop a robust brand identity.
  • Create a brief and succinct description to draw in buyers to your shop. you’ll include information like your shop’s background, the kind of products you sell, or your chat reply hours.

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How Do I Create My First Listing?

Before creating your listing, review our Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy to confirm that your product will be listed available in accordance with Shopee’s Terms and Conditions. Once done, you’ll start by following these steps.

  • Go to the vendor Centre and click on Add New Product.
  • Fill up the merchandise name. Three recommended categories will appear automatically, and you’ll be able to either choose one among them or configure your preferred category manually.
  • Insert the merchandise description and relevant product attributes.
  • Insert the worth, stock count, and variations (if any) for your product.
  • Upload high resolution and professionally taken photos of your product.
  • Update the shipping settings like weight, dimension (parcel size) and shipping fee.
  • Once all is ready, select whether this product could be a pre-order product by which you’ll need longer to ship.
  • To get more views for your products and improve exposure, you’ll use the Boost Now function. you’ll accelerate to five products every 4 hours!
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How Do I Ship Out my First Order?

Anyone with a Malaysian IC or passport, and telephone number can sell on Shopee in Malaysia. You don’t have to be a registered business to sell on Shopee.

You can sell almost anything on Shopee. Whether it’s a physical product, digital product or maybe workshop access, Shopee is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of business models. Therewith being said, there are still some restrictions on what you’ll be able to sell.

It’s possible to create an account and list products on Shopee. Shopee will, however, charge a commission fee on sales you create on the platform. Fees charged depend upon the vendor type. For normal sellers, Shopee charges a 2.12% fee. Shopee mall sellers get a lower rate.

Once you have got received your first order, these are your next steps for shipping method Shopee:

  • On the vendor Centre, click My Shipment.
  • View orders that require to be shipped out under the To ship tab.
  • Click Arrange Shipment to rearrange your shipment (Make sure you arrange the shipment before the stated ship-by date under Status).
  • Pack your order in accordance to our Order Packaging Guidelines and fasten required documents like the air waybill.
  • Hand over your order to the logistics provider.

How do I Deliver a Great Shopping Experience?

To grow your business on Shopee Malaysia, follow these best practices. 

  • Build trust in your shop by uploading authentic products and providing accurate descriptions. Please visit these articles, “Improve your product’s naming and category” and “Improve your product’s images and description” for recommendations on a way to improve your product listing.
  • Use Shopee’s Webchat to deliver prompt, informative, and friendly replies to buyers’ queries and requests.
  • Drive traffic to your shop and build a powerful brand identity through Shopee’s Marketing Centre.
  • Read au courant our seller policies and benefits Shopee’s Performance Standards.
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Like all marketplaces, Shopee sellers can participate in campaigns on Shopee runs on a periodical basis. These are usually heavily promoted to buyers, and sellers get an opportunity at exposing their product listing and stores to existing and new buyers.

Shopee offers native ads you’ll buy supported keywords. After you buy ads on Shopee, you get the prospect of getting your listing(s) displayed first for the keywords you bid for.

Another way to urge more exposure for your product listings and Shopee store is to become a Preferred Seller. Shopee Preferred Sellers get a lift in their search rankings, a Preferred Seller Badge (boosts credibility) and further buyer rewards.

An interesting and new way you’ll get more sales is by using Shopee Live. As I discussed in my previous article, live streaming has become one among the most well liked sales channels in Malaysia.

With Shopee Live, you’ll be able to host your own livestream, and sell to new and existing customers. Convert your audience into buyers during the livestream by offering exclusive discounts, vouchers and bundle deals.

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