How to sell in Shopee? Who doesn’t know Shopee? Shopee is one amongst the foremost popular ecommerce platforms where you’ll be able to sell and buy many things there. Are you fascinated by becoming a Shopee seller and searching for a Shopee seller tutorial? You attend the proper sites because you’ll get all the data here.

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Listing Your First Products

Shopee seller centre? You need to click on “Add Product”. Product images are critical to e-commerce. Therefore, it must be high definition and never upload a blurred image.

To put a replacement photo of your product, tap the Camera button. for selecting an existing picture from your album/gallery, tap the Photos button. Moreover, filters and photo editing tools are available within the process.

Sellers are enabled to import photos from Instagram. Up to 9 photos are added for every listing. Enough for enticing an acquisition. If you’re using the mobile app, click Me > My Shop > Add new products.

This will redirect you to a page where you’ll upload the photos of your products and key in specifications and other details. To upload an image, click Add Photo. you’ll be able to either take the photo through the app or select existing images from your phone’s gallery. Up to nine photos are allowed per listing.

Shipping option Shopee? After this, supply the fields below the photos with the mandatory information. These include:

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Category (choose among the default categories on Shopee)
  • Price
  • Stock
  • Variations
  • Shipping fee

Setting Up Your Shop Profile

Register Shopee Malaysia? One of the keys to improving your shopee sales is to become more visible to potential buyers. The Shopee Campaigns feature enables you to plaster certain products into portions of the web site that’s most visited by buyers.

My Campaign is Shopee’s way of helping sellers make the foremost of the Shopee platform. As you’ll see, Shopee let’s buyers join campaigns at no cost.

How to sell items in Shopee? It is important to notice that product nominations must be supported these criteria:

  • Product descriptions and pictures must be decent and accurate.
  • The seller should have a willingness to supply a 10%-20% discount if the vendor is approved.
  • Attractive prices.
  • If you’re unable to follow the above criteria, your appeal to affix a campaign may well be declined.

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Selling via Seller Centre vs Seller Assistant on Shopee App

How to become a Shopee seller? Seller Assistant may be a feature on the Shopee app that helps you manage your shop settings and customers easily when you’re on the go. Stay updated on your product sales and stock levels so you’ll take immediate actions, even when you’re unable to access Seller Centre.

Chat and answer your buyers anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you’ll set auto-replies and Message Shortcuts for faster responses.Engage potential buyers by sharing interesting content about your products. This helps your shop gain followers and attract shoppers who are more likely to shop for you.

You can take product videos together with your phone and upload them directly onto your product detail page.

Fulfilling Your First Order

How to start selling on Shopee? After a buyer places an order, the same old fulfilment process involves:

  • To arrange shipment for your orders, you would like to know the two shipment models available and judge which is best for your order.
  • To ensure that buyers receive their orders in physical fitness, the correct packing techniques and materials are required.
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Keeping Your Account Safe

Keeping your account safe is Shopee’s priority. While we do our greatest to make sure that your account is secure, you’ll be able to do your part in protecting your personal data by following our greatest practises below.

Keep your password confidential and change it regularly

Keep your password confidential and alter it regularly

Do not share your login details with anyone, including Shopee’s staff, your family, or friends. Your account password must be confidential.

In addition, you must set a powerful password and alter it regularly to stay your account secure. a robust password has the subsequent characteristics:

  • Does not contain your personal name, username or shop name
  • Has a minimum length of 8 characters
  • Has numbers, symbols (e.g. !@#$%^&*), uppercase, and lowercase letters

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Be careful of who you share your information with

Phishers are constantly on the lookout for valuable personal information (e.g. account password, mastercard number and wallet PIN). take care of who you share information with and keep your account secure by following these tips:

  • Only perform transactions that involve entering guidance (e.g. withdrawing your wallet balance) over secure networks (e.g. your personal portable network, home Wi-Fi).
  • Use the official Shopee app and platform (e.g. Seller Centre) to manage your listings.

Never perform transactions outside of the Shopee platform

Scammers may use scam tactics to trick you into making transactions outside of the Shopee platform. Protect yourself from scams by following these tips:

  • Carry out transactions and chats only via Shopee
  • Do not use or accept alternative payment methods, especially by those claiming to be from overseas
  • Verify that payment is confirmed before shipping your products

Update your contact information

Updating your contact details will help to guard your account. It also enables us to urge involved with you quickly.

If you have got a brand new signal, address and/or email address, update your contact information as soon as possible to confirm that your contact information stays accurate. you’ll update your contact information by visiting My Account.

3 Item Recommendations to Start Selling on Shopee

Create a Shopee seller account? After you become the Shopee seller Malaysia, you’ll be interested in the things to sell and therefore the thanks to sell on Shopee without inventory. Actually you’ll sell many things on Shopee like food, physical product, digital product or perhaps workshop access.

Shopee is flexible enough to accommodate a range of business models but there’s still some restrictions on what you’ll be able to sell. the instance of restrictions on items to be sold like prescribed medicines and illegal drugs. If you upload those products, the listings are automatically deleted by Shopee.

For a better selling, you’d prefer to hunt down the foremost effective product to sell within Malaysia. Finding the only selling products isn’t easy but it’s also not as difficult as you think. you simply must see what things are on trend. Here are the demand Products which you’ll sell within Malaysia.


Appliances are a high-ticket item within Malaysia. If you decide to sell the appliances, don’t forget to form a campaign and find testimonials which can help prospects overcome the initial trust barrier.


Skincare is also a requirement for girls. Malaysian consumers are expected to spend over $2 billion on skincare products within the next few years. you’ll try to sell skincare since it’s a high demand product throughout the year.

Video Games

Many people buy video games nowadays for home entertainment thanks to this pandemic situation. you’ll try and sell the PS5, the new Xbox, likewise as accessories, games, and app store cards.


To be a successful Shopee seller, it’s not only about your Shopee account. The foremost important thing is your products. you have got to hunt down and make the foremost effective products to be sold in your shop.

Try and sell unique products which could cause you to diverge from other shops. you’ll be ready to attempt to find the very best selling products in Malaysia for your reference.

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