Are you curious on how to promote product in Shopee? You go to the right place. In this article, we will discuss why you need to sell in Shopee and tips on how to promote your product listing. 

5 Reasons Why I Need To Promote My Products In Shopee

Beside the products, finding a good place to sell your product is also important. Nowadays, many people have used Shopee as their favorite marketplace in Malaysia. That’s why you can choose Shopee as the place to sell your products. You need to prepare your Shopee marketing strategy too before selling things in Shopee. 

Here are the reason why you need to sell your products in Shopee

Easy To Use

The first reason why you should sell in Shopee is because it is easy to use and many people love to use this application. Sellers can upload their product listing easily by using a mobile phone.

No Commissions

Here is the good news for Shopee sellers. There is no commission when selling things in Shopee. You can sell your products once you have registered your account and upload the product listing.

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Free Shipping

Shopee usually offer a free shipping voucher. Beside shipping vouchers, there are also discounts and cashback vouchers Shopee Malaysia too. Buyers can enjoy this offer when they have reached the purchase limit (if any).

Chat Feature

There is a chat feature in Shopee which you can use to communicate with your buyer without needing to share your private phone number. Your buyer can ask their queries about the product you sell through this chat feature.

Sync Instagram Photos

There are also sync instagram photos features. This feature will save your time when uploading your products photo to Instagram. To upload the photos, you need to click the ‘Sell from Instagram’ option.

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How Do I Promote My Shopee?

You can search for a Shopee marketing strategy pdf to help you find the way to promote your products. Promoting your products doesn’t mean you will need to pay a bunch of money, there is also Shopee boost product free. Are you curious how to promote your products? Here is Shopee tips and tricks for you.

Promote Your Store 

How to boost product in Shopee? You can boost your product by promoting them. As you know, Shopee has many features that can be used as media to promote your business. You can also promote it on social media too.

Join a Campaign

Another way to promote your product is by joining a campaign. Here is how to join a campaign in Shopee.

  • Go to Shopee seller center.
  • Choose marketing center.
  • Click on My Campaign to nominate your products.

Flash Sale

To promote your products, you can join the flash sale held by Shopee. In this flash sale, you are allowed to make your own shop campaign. You will gain more traffic when the flash sale is held. How to join a flash sale in Shopee? Here are the steps on how to hold a flash sale.

  • Go to Shopee seller center.
  • Click on Marketing center.
  • Choose flash sale to create your new campaign.
  • Choose the products you want to sell.

Boost Product

How to boost product in Shopee Malaysia? You can boost your product by using the “Boost now” function. This feature will help you get more traffic and views. This feature also helps you to make your product rank higher in the Shopee search.

Shopee Ads

Another way to promote your product is by using the Shopee add feature. This feature allow you to run your products’ advertisements in Shopee. You can choose whether you want to use keyword ads or targeting ads in Shopee.

Multichannel Marketing

Beside promoting your products in Shopee, you can also promote your product listing in other media such as email marketing, social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and also Affiliation.

Shopee Seller Assistant

There is also a Shopee seller assistant in Shopee. You can use this feature to help you manage your stores such as your products, buyers, shop profile, product categories and others. This feature works as your assistant which helps you to reward your customer, update the product inventory and many more.

Follow Prize

You can also use follow prize feature to help you promote your business. This feature will allow you to set your customized voucher. You can access this feature by taking these steps.

  • Go to Shopee.
  • Choose Marketing Center.
  • Click on Follow Prize.
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Become a Shopee Preferred Seller

If you often buy things in Shopee, you must know there are Shopee badges for Shopee sellers. This badge is used to grade the seller. To get more trust from the customer, you need to be a Shopee Preferred Seller. When you become the Shopee Preferred Seller, you can enjoy many privileges from Shopee.

But not all Shopee sellers can be Shopee Preferred Sellers, only the one who reaches the monthly criteria might get the Shopee Preferred Seller badge. Here are the criteria you need to fulfill if you want to be a Shopee Preferred Seller.

  • Have more than 75 net orders in 30 days.
  • The minimum of shop rating is 4.7
  • The percentage of chat response is 90%
  • Sold 100% authentic products
  • Have no penalty points

Create Fabulous Content

Providing attractive content is a must when you are selling things online. For your information, there are 4 things you need to prepare before selling things online such as product, price, content and also product description. 

To make good content, you need to use a good camera so that you can take good and high quality photos and videos of your product. Don’t forget to use white plain background to make it look more professional.

What is Bump?

You can do Shopee bump product nowadays by using bump features. Have you ever heard about it? Bump is a Shopee feature that helps you to improve your product listing’s search ranking. Each seller was only allowed to use 5 Bump slots. They can use these 5 slots at once too.


There are many ways to promote your business and one way is by using Shopee bump features to help you  increase the number of views and potential sales. Shopee sellers are allowed to use this bump feature five times only.

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