Shopee is one of the most well-known eCommerce sites in Malaysia, and has already received millions of monthly visitors. This means a great opportunity for those of you who want to sell and get a large profit. For those of you new users of the Shopee and still confused about its features including how to post product in Shopee, here are the steps.

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What Is Shopee?

Shopee, one of the main mobile eCommerce platforms in Southeast Asia. It started as a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform, however afterward developed into a B2C market specializing in serving customers across the region. Payoneer and Shopee have partnered to provide easy, low-priced payment solutions for sellers who need to develop their business.

Shopee is most popular eCommerce in the Southeast Asia region, with the platform can be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and The Philippines. It can also be found in South Korea and Brazil. You can also sell without a product. How to sell in Shopee without product? Shopee provides a feature called dropship that makes it easier for sellers to sell without a product.

How To Register As Seller In Shopee?

Interested to be a Shopee seller? Here is how to register Shopee Malaysia as a seller, make sure you have a Shopee app and Shopee account first. 

Click Tab Me

To register as a seller in Shopee, open the Shopee app first. Then click on the Me tab. But before that, make sure you have a Shopee account first. 

Click Start Selling

Then, click on the Start Selling on the left side of the screen to start being a Shopee seller.

Add Your Products

Finally, you can add your products to your Shopee store. Below is how to post product in Shopee tutorial.

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How To Post Product In Shopee For The First Time?

Product images are very important to e-commerce. Therefore, it should be high resolution and do not upload blurry images. Tap the Camera button to add a new photo for your product. Tap the Photos button to select an existing image from your album / gallery. Filters and image editing tools are also available in Shopee. Sellers can import photos from Instagram. You can add up to 9 photos per listing. Enough to encourage purchase.

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Via Shopee Seller Centre

Shopee Seller Centre is a platform to manage your selling from one platform, making it easier for sellers to manage and monitor various aspects when selling on Shopee. Here is how to add product in Shopee using laptop.

Click My Product

First of all, click the My Product on the left side of your screen. 

Click Add a New Product

Then click on the Add a New Product button to start adding a new product. 

Fill in the Product Name and Categorize the Product

Next, fill in your product name and choose the category of your product. Category is used to classify your product with category, subcategory and more specific subcategory. Then, click the Next button.

Add Photos

In this page, insert your product photos. The first photo is used as a cover photo. Choose the best photos of your product to encourage more buyers to purchase in your store.

Fill in the Product Description

Fill in all of the details needed, such as product description, brand, expiry date, lens type, frequency, and the other. 

Fill in the Specification

Do not forget to fill up the necessary information, such as brand, material, cropped top, and many more. 

Fill in the Price and Stock

In this Sales Information section, fill in the prices and the stock of your product. Do not forget to enable the Variations if you have more than one type of this product. That’s how to add product variation in Shopee.

Fill in the Shipping Info

Shipping info is used to guide the buyers and couriers. With this shipping info, the Shopee system also can calculate the shipping prices. Choose the SSL Shopee that has been provided. Click the Save and Publish button when you’re done with all the product details. 

Via Shopee App

You can also add products and sell them from the Shopee App. Before knowing how to sell product in Shopee, let’s see how to upload products in Shopee using phone. 

Click Add New Product

First of all, click on Add Product in your My Shop page. 

Add Product’s Photos

Click on the add product photos, then choose where to add your product from. After choosing your photos, you can edit your photos using several filters at the bottom. You also need to add more product photos to keep your customer engaged. Click at the check above when you finish editing. 

Fill the Details of Products

Next, fill in all of the product details, such as Category, Price, Stock, Variations, Weight, Condition, Wholesale, packaging size, shipping fee and Pre-order choice. With all of the details, it will reduce the chance of customers to leave the store due to lack of information.

Publish Product

Finally, publish the product by toggle on the button. If you are not ready to share the product to the buyers, please toggle off the button. If you are experiencing why I can’t publish my product in Shopee, please check the product details that you probably missed.

How To Mass Upload Shopee?

Before filling up your mass upload template from Shopee, you need to understand each definition of the items. Do note that some items are required, while the others are optional. 

Fill in the product details from the fifth row onwards in the template. Don’t edit the fourth rows in the template. One row is only for one listing details.

You can add variations with this template. But you only can have up to two variation types. Variation in this template means that your products have multiple sizes or colors. If your product has three options per variation, you should fill in the new row with each option. 

For products with 2 variation types (e.g. size and colour), make sure that there’s one record for every variation option. All variations of the identical product ought to have the same Variation Integration No.

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