Are you curious on how to make shocking sale on Shopee? In this article, we will discuss what a shocking sale is and how to join it. Check this out!

What Is Shop Shocking Sale In Shopee?

Who hasn’t downloaded the Shopee malaysia application on their phone? I think most Malaysians have downloaded and used the Shopee app in their gadgets. If you often use these applications, you must know that there is Shopee Shocking Sale in Shopee. 

Do you know what Shocking sale is? So, Shopee shocking sale is one of Shopee promotions that can be joined by Shopee sellers to attract more customers but these sales will only be available in some period of time as scheduled.

When you want to buy things during the Shocking Sale period, you have to hurry because the products you want to buy might be sold in just a few minutes. How long is the duration of Shopee my shocking sale? The Shocking Sale time duration will vary, but you can still see how much time left by looking at your Shopee HomePage.

If you want to participate in buying things in the Shopee Shocking sale but are afraid that you miss it. Don’t worry because you can set a reminder. After you have made your reminder, Shopee will send you a notification on your application regarding the sales. For your information, you can see what things will be on sale in the Shopee App homepage and choose See All Deals. The prices are excluded from the shipping fee Malaysia.

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Benefits Of Joining Shopee Shocking Sale

Why are Shopee sellers recommended to join the Shopee Shocking sale? Of course, Shopee seller will receive many benefits when joining the sale program, such as:

  • Increase your shop exposure.
  • Increase products’ impression.
  • Help your sales .
  • Get a higher conversion and rate.
  • Get more traffic and many more.

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How Do I Create My Shop’s Shocking Sale?

You might be curious on how to make shocking sale on Shopee? To join the shop’s shocking sale, you need to nominate the product you want to sell first. To nominate your products, you can go to the seller center and find the Shopee shocking sale tool under the Marketing Center.

Don’t forget to read all the requirements needed to join the shocking sale program. You may see all the available products for the sale nomination by using the Add products section in the Cluster Nomination page. The question is can I nominate the same products in the shocking sale program? Yes, you can nominate the same products in the shocking sale program but only in the different shocking sale time slot.

How to create My Shop’s shocking sale then? Here are the steps you need to take for it, such as:

  • Step 1 – Log in to your Shopee account and go to Shopee seller center
  • Step 2 – Then select on My Shop’s shocking sale under the marketing center
  • Step 3 – Choose your sale schedule from Create new shocking sale section
  • Step 4 – Click on Add Products to nominate your product for shocking sale

For your information, you can see how many slots are available by clicking the dates there. Beside that, you have to pay attention to all the requirements before nominating the products such as the start and end time, discount and stock requirements, and also the category  requirements. You may also add Shopee follow prize to give more excitement to all your customers.

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Nominating Products For A Shopee Shocking Sale Campaign

How to nominate the products to join the shocking sale campaign? Before that, you have to review your products first before nominating them by using the view all criteria button under the marketing center. Here are the steps on how to nominating your products such as:

  • Go to your seller account 
  • Go to marketing center and click view all criteria to review your product
  • Then you have to choose add products in the cluster nomination page

For your information, you can add up to 20 products in the Shopee shocking sale campaign. Beside that, you can also add and nominate the same products but in a different time slot. You can also set a different discount available for each product to manage campaign.

To attract your buyers’ attention, you have to make sure that your products’ images are of high quality. These will make your products look professional. For a good image, you need to remember these criterias such as:

  • Using a white background.
  • Make a PNG image.
  • The maximum Image is 300 KB.

Then, after all the images are ready, you have to create your campaign name. Just use the simple one so that it can be seen in mobile phone screens. Beside that, you have to fill in your product campaign stock or how many products available you want to sell in this campaign.

You may set the minimum purchase limit for each product you nominated and how much is the maximum quantity for every buyer to buy. If you don’t set these two things, you will need to match your campaign product stock. When you have fulfilled all the data needed to join the campaign, then you just need to submit it. 

Editing Your Nominations

What if I submit the wrong data? Don’t worry. If this happens, you can edit the data or reupload product in Shopee, but it is only available when it is in the nomination periods. You can look at the timeline bar to see how much time is remaining in the nomination periods.

Not only edit the promotional data, you are allowed to edit the product nomination status before the nomination period ends. If you want to delete your nomination products, you can use the enable and disable button.

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