Can sellers on eBay change currency? Before that, you should know what eBay is. eBay is an online shopping site that’s best known for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. 

It’s also extremely popular for online shopping merchants to use as a sales channel. eBay is available in many different countries. However, you can search for products available in your local area by entering the zip code. Since eBay is an international site, so alternatively, you can search for products available nationally or internationally.

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You will be billed in the currency of your country of registration. For example, if you are a eBay Singapore-registered user, your billing currency will automatically be in Singapore dollars. eBay Malaysia registered users will be billed in Ringgit and eBay Philippines users will be billed in Pesos.

What Will Happen if I Change the Currency on Ebay?

How to change currency on eBay UK? When you first register on eBay, it will ask you to choose a home country or region. This helps us show you the most relevant items in the correct currency and language. Select the Country or region dropdown menu and choose your country from the list. If applicable, you can change the rest of your address.

Suppose you are a regular traveler or a foreign business trader who frequently travels from one place to another. For that, you need different currencies throughout the time. In that case, you will have a massive amount of currency that is useless for your hometown or the place where you are travelling. In that situation, an eBay exchange might be helpful for you.

Signing into eBay, you can save changes. Look for an item from the upper right corner of the search results from under the picture, Then select Customize from the View dropdown menu. In the pop-up window, either check or uncheck the Convert prices to your currency option.

Did eBay changed currency to USD? There are settings on that will give you an approximate conversion to US$ for listings in other currencies, but you would be bidding and would be required to pay in the currency of the listing (PayPal will do so seamlessly, hiding the 2.5% conversion fee in the conversion rate they charge which is 2.5% higher.

Can eBay changed currency to Euro? Sounds like you inadvertently signed in to eBay UK when you were researching & then started your listing, if so, make sure you are signed in to and you will have to start the listing from scratch.

Be aware that any one listing will only be in one currency and all bids etc. will be in that currency for the number you typed and any approximate conversion will always be less than you will have to pay in that converted to currency to buy the currency of the listing to pay that price in the currency of the listing to the seller.  

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The “approximate” conversion is calculated using a “mid-market rate” which is an average of wholesale buy and sell rates of large banks, while you will have to pay the payment processor or your payment source it’s retail “buy rate” to purchase the foreign currency.  PayPal’s buy rate is about 3% above mid-market.

How to Change Currency on eBay?

How to change currency in eBay Android? You are required to pay in the currency of the listing. PayPal will do the conversion for you as will most other payment processors, though some may give you an option to bill in the original currency and let your bank/credit card processor make the conversion and some may do only the latter.  

Whoever does the conversion will charge you their retail “Buy Rate”. The “approximate” conversion rate used by eBay to calculate it’s display is not at any “Buy Rate” but rather at the more easy to license “Mid Market Rate” which is an average of buy and sell rates of some large banks, so is always lower than what you will pay.  

PayPal buy rate is generally 3% higher than the mid-market on the day you pay. You don’t get frustrated because it is effortless through the following few steps. How to change currency on eBay mobile? Here’s how to change currency on eBay:

  • Go to Personal Information on My eBay.
  • Choose the Edit option next to the Owner name or address.
  • Choose the country or region from the dropdown menu list.
  • Select your country from the list.
  • You can change the rest of the address if it is applicable.
  • Review the changes.
  • Finally, select Save to save settings.

How does eBay change currency without account? As certain you save the changes in eBay, and you will successfully convert the Currency to eBay. Meanwhile, you learn how to change Currency in eBay. Choosing your country doesn’t limit your options, they will show you eBay listings from around the world.

How do I change the currency display on eBay?

  • eBay login so you can save your changes.
  • Search for an item.
  • In the upper right corner of the search results, select Customize from the View dropdown menu.
  • In the pop up window, either check or uncheck the Convert prices to your eBay currency option.
  • Select Apply changes.

If the client desires to sell or exchange the country or region currency, eBay offers to invoice the customer in the country’s Currency or the region they initially chose. 

However, it’s possible to update billing currency once every 12 months. If clients manage payment sellers, they can’t change country or currency settings at the moment. eBay updates you when that changes.

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  • Make sure you’re signed into eBay to save changes.
  • Search for an item of your desire.
  • Click the Customize view link present at the top of the page.
  • The pop up window will pop out.
  • Click on Advanced Options.
  • Depending on preference, select or clear the option to Convert prices to your Currency.
  • Click on Apply to change.

The steps above are also applicable to how to change currency on eBay iPhone app. By following simple steps, eBay will enable you to make changes in your applied settings. Hereafter, you will know better how to change currency in eBay and pay bills and buy products by it.

If you wanna start your online business on eBay, make sure you know basic insights regarding online business like what are the challenges selling in e-commerce or marketplace, what should you sell, and who are your market target. Also, don’t forget to change the currency if you’re selling on eBay Malaysia.

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Benefits on Selling on eBay and Tips to Sell Online

If you are willing to sell on eBay, here are some benefits that you will get from selling your products on eBay.

  • You will get instant trust from the customers because a survey stated that eBay customers have a satisfaction rating of 79% as of 2019, because eBay has protection against scams and bad services.
  • As the most famous auction marketplace in the world, eBay can give you flexibility as a seller, because you are able to put items up for auction to get a higher price.
  • With eBay’s excellence in SEO field, you will get high chances of people finding your product in Google, so the potential for you to get more customers is very high.
  • eBay gives you a lower fee compared to Amazon and of course this is one of the privileges that you will get as an eBay seller.


A currency is a monetary denomination, such as the dollar, euro or pound, that is accepted in payment within a given area or among a specific group of people. With the decline of bullion coinage, currency has no real worth in itself and derives value instead from its general acceptability.

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