What countries does eBay global shipping ship to? International shipping is a complex activity. There are a multitude of considerations from customs duties and taxes, to long delivery time frames and flawed parcel tracking.

eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) aims to make international shipping easy for eBay sellers. With GSP you only have to ship your product to a warehouse in your own country, then eBay takes over and handles international delivery to the buyer.

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Do eBay Sellers Ship Internationally?

There are 182 million eBay users worldwide. The eBay Global Shipping Program connects them, opening trade up to an international marketplace by handling the requirements of customs and imports on behalf of its sellers. 

By taking out the hassle of sending items overseas, eBay’s buyers and sellers can have access to a wider network, with protection from the platform in case of roadblocks. 

Under the GSP, a seller’s listings are shown to eBay buyers across the world. eBay automatically calculates the international shipping cost, duties, taxes and estimated delivery dates upfront, and adds them to the listing which the international buyer sees. The seller doesn’t provide any of that information themselves.

When an international buyer makes a purchase, the seller sends the item to a shipping centre based in their own country. eBay’s service provider, a global shipping company called Pitney Bowes, manages the international delivery and customs process from there on.

The seller has done their part, so Pitney Bowes are responsible for the package from when it arrives at the shipping centre until it reaches the buyer’s door.

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Is Global Shipping on eBay Worth It?

eBay global shipping program problems? As with any optional program, it all depends on your business needs and goals. If you sell small, lightweight items of low value, your buyers will probably be put off buying from you through the GSP. The cost of the program may significantly outweigh the price of the item. 

If, however, you sell higher-value items and lots of them, the GSP would suit you well. You would save a lot of time and hassle, and your items would be covered in transit. Do some cost comparisons, think about how your shipping strategy could scale and you might find the answer is a more obvious one. 

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Who is Eligible for the Global Shipping Program? 

Sellers who meet the following criteria are eligible to enrol for eBay Global Shipping:

  • A seller rating of Above Standard or higher.
  • The item is physically located in the US. 
  • The item itself must not be restricted, hazardous or prohibited by the platform – see eBay’s User Agreement and International Trading Policy for more details. 
  • Non-Managed Payment users must accept PayPal as a payment method. 
  • Your buyer’s eBay global shipping program address cannot be a P.O. Box apart from in these countries (see Getting Started section).  
  • The package must be within specified dimensions (also under the Getting Started section). 
  • The sale price of the item must not exceed specified prices (see same section). If an auction item’s final sale price exceeds these limits, you will need to find alternate international shipping and handle this yourself. 

Sellers who do not meet this criteria can still send packages overseas, but need to manage this themselves. 

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What Countries does eBay Global Shipping Cover?

eBay international buying standard delivery enables sellers on eBay.com to ship their items to buyers in over 210 countries. Simply print your eBay international standard delivery label and they will handle international shipping for you. 

Examples like eBay global shipping centre UK, Bahrain, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, China and Switzerland.

How to Use the eBay Global Shipping Program

Global shipping program countries? Getting started with the Global Shipping Program (GSP) is pretty simple. Here some steps for you:

Adding GSP to all your existing listings:

  • Head to the eBay Global Shipping Program webpage and click “Start Shipping Globally”. 
  • Click “Start Now” on the following page. 
  • You will be asked if you want to use the GSP shipping on your already-active listings. Check the box and click “Continue”. 

Adding GSP to new listings:

  • Switch to the Advanced Tool when listing. 
  • Scroll down your listing to the eBay International Shipping section, and Add Shipping Details. 
  • Check the Use Global Shipping Program box. This will immediately make your item visible to international buyers. 

Adding GSP to one existing listing:

  • Navigate to My eBay and Selling
  • Select the listing, open it and click “Revise Your Item”.
  • Scroll down to How You’ll Ship It, International Shipping, and check the box: “Send your package to the US shipping center and the rest will be taken care of for you.” Your item will be made visible to global customers immediately. 
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What Does the eBay Global Shipping Program Cost?

For sellers, it doesn’t cost any extra. There is no specific fee for the eBay Global Shipping Program. Listing charges do however, still apply:

  • Non-Managed Payments sellers: eBay selling fees + PayPal fees + PayPal transaction fees for cross-border selling apply. 
  • Managed Payments sellers: Managed Payments fees + an international fee apply. 

How does the cost to buyers work? On your listing, buyers will see an estimated shipping cost which is made up of some or all of the below, depending on the transaction.

Buyers: Domestic shipping cost (which you will receive with the sale price) + cost to ship the item to their location + customs and import fees + any taxes applicable. Buyers will see this estimated amount on the listing, and the final amount at checkout. 

eBay Global Shipping Program Review: Pros & Con

eBay global shipping program review? So if sellers can manage international shipping themselves and would have to when it comes to returns anyway, is the Global Shipping Program worth using? 

The Pros

  • You save time: Having a third-party fulfilment supplier manage part of your shipping for you saves you a lot of time and potential stress. 
  • It’s easy to add to listings: Adding the Global Shipping Program option to your listings, whether existing or new, is incredibly simple.  
  • Everything is calculated for you: Buyers will get shipping estimates calculated automatically at checkout – you don’t have to worry about any of that process. 
  • Once the GSP centre receives your item, your job is done: Once the GSP has your parcel, it takes care of the rest. 
  • If the item is lost or broken, you’re protected: In most cases, any negative feedback you might get will be removed and your item insured. 
  • You have access to a global marketplace with minimal admin: Sell overseas without having to manage customs and imports fees and/or paperwork. Your items might sell far better to customers in other eBay countries. 

The Cons

  • It can be expensive for buyers: eBay ships everything in the same class for ease with USPS Priority International Mail. This will not be the most cost-effective for all items, so buyers may be put off when ordering lower-value items and paying a premium shipping fee. 
  • Customs fees are fixed: eBay GSP doesn’t charge customs fees specific or relevant to the country of destination. Instead, to streamline things, it charges a fixed fee – even if this isn’t actually required. This issue has been discussed on blogs and forums online with buyers claiming they purposely avoid sellers using GSP because of the higher shipping costs.
  • Returns are still your responsibility: Whether you use the GSP or not, any return shipping must be managed by you. 
  • Packages may be opened and even destroyed: Items may be opened and inspected at the GSP centre, which poses the risk that they may not be repacked as well as they were originally. If unboxing is important in your customer experience, this might be off-putting. Moreover, if an item is deemed ineligible to deliver, it may be destroyed or liquidated at eBay’s discretion.
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