Shopee not only guarantees you a happy shopping experience with lots of discounts and special deals, but also wants to always spoil you with prizes! Come and try out our Shopee Shake Tutok to win a huge cash prize so that you can do your haul without feeling guilty about your hard saved paycheck!

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4 Steps to Join Shopee Shake Tutok to Win

Ever wondering about how to join Shopee Tutok to win it’s enormous prize? If yes, then you have come to the right places because by this article, we will give you guidance on Shopee Shake Tutok to win. Here’s some steps you have to took in order to play:

Download the Shopee App & Select Prizes

First of all, this Shopee Shake event can only be played in the Shopee App only. Get your Shopee app through your devices App Store if you’re an iOS user or through Play Store if you’re using Android.

After that, go register your information details such as filling up your full name and phone number. Finishing the information filling process, you can open your Shopee App and give the “Prize” section a tap to select your prize winning game to play.

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Since Shopee provides its users with lots of amazing prize winning games, you might have to do a little bit of scrolling through the prize sections in order to find the Shopee Shake app.

Wait for Shopee Shake to Start on TV Shows

Set up your alarm 10 to 15 minutes early before the time slot to get yourself ready for the Shopee Shake schedule that will be held on Payday sale on February 15. When you click on the “Play Now” button, the system will automatically show you the countdown. The Shopee Shake game will start immediately after. Be early or be on time to widen your chance of winning the grand prize!

Shake and Win!

The grand prize winner of Shopee Shake will be determined by who wins the most number of coins. Stay tuned in on It’s Showtime and Sing Galing for the shows because the winner will be announced and called by the end of the session. For a bigger chance to win, you can invite two of your friends to play with you at the same time in order to get an extra 5% more coins for each friend.

Play with Shopee, Big Win Everyday!

Shopee Shake will be held from February 13 of February 15. Grab the chance to win ₱150,000 on TV Shake program, ₱7,000 if you play the battle mode, and additional special prize of ₱1,000 for 7 winners if you play on February 14 to February 15. For the schedule details, please refer to Shopee Shake pages that you can access through your Shopee App.

Not getting enough with this? Shopee also has this one prepared for you. Widen your chance to win ₱1,000,000 in cash by joining Shopee Milyonaryo. We understand that you wouldn’t resist such juicy offers. Considering you might not be familiar with this program yet, here’s a guide of how to join Shopee Milyonaryo.

How to join Shopee Milyonaryo in Wowowin? Almost the same as joining Shopee shake, you first need to download and install the Shopee Apps on your devices. Then you can collect daily raffle codes. The standard entry for users is one free raffle code per day but you can get additional entries per draw if you purchase Mobile Load or Data via Shopee!

Each completed order will entail an extra raffle entry. Maximise your chance of winning by availing at least one raffle each day. Now you can assign yourself for both Shopee Milyonaryo and Shopee Shake Wowowin for your big win!

Aside from these two, you can also get different prizes to make the most out of your Shopee hauls. Here’s some game that you can also try to win more and more prizes:

Shopee Throw

Throw the sparklers, light up the sky, and get the chance to win an amazing prize. You can play this game everyday and try your luck to be awarded with either Shopee coins, a voucher, or the special prize that we have in store for you!

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Shopee Farm

Choose your own reward with Shopee Farm. To play this, you can select your own choice of corp to nurture and grow. It’s just like nurturing your favourite plant except you can water them up to 8 times a day in Shopee Farm. You can also ask for water from friends and family.

Shopee users can water your crop up to 20 times a day while non-Shopee users can give you up to 80 droplets of water each day. Ask for their help to get your crop to grow faster! You can also change your crop with one Shopee coin during the Weekly Crop Refresh on Monday. However, we suggest you stick to the reward that you really want to win faster!

Spin and Win

Thinking about the spinning wheel game that we can always find in carnaval, all you have to do is spin and win. But with Shopee, you just play and get prizes. For this one, you can play it both through Shopee Apps or Shopee Web. 

Play it everyday and stand a chance to win a special prize by collecting the Golden Tickets which will be used as raffle entries. The grand prize varies from OPPO A15s, Upsized coins, or upto ₱1,000 Shopee Credits. So, don’t forget to set up your reminders for the Golden Tickets and collect as much as you can!

Shopee Claw

Not enough with OPPO A15s? Then you might one to try our Shopee Claw games where you can have a chance to win a grand prize of iPhone XR. Shake your phone to shuffle the prize from the claw machine, use arrow keys to move the claw aiming for the prize of your choice, and press “Start” to grab your prize!

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