How to create promotion on eBay? 1.2 million sellers use eBay’s Promoted Listings on over 310 million listings. to sometimes sponsor a product isn’t any longer enough in many eBay categories.

With around 1.5 billion listings on eBay, many sellers find advertising necessary to spice up product visibility and stand out from the competition. This can be likely to continue within the post-coronavirus world.

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What Is Promoted Listing Standard on Ebay?

How to promote eBay listing on app and how to promote eBay listing free? Promoted Listings Standard puts your merchandise ahead of more buyers when they’re actively searching and shopping on the eBay network, increasing item visibility and helping to enhance the likelihood of a buying deal.

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Promoted Listings Standard is currently available to Above Standard and Top Rated eBay sellers with enough account activity. You don’t need to worry about the eBay promote listing cost, the most important thing is that sellers can promote fixed price listings for many categories except Vehicles, Realty, Everything Else, and a few Travel categories.

Auction and Auction decease Now listings don’t seem to be eligible at now. Once you create a Promoted Listings Standard campaign, only listings that are eligible for the service will appear in your selection view.

According to Marin Software’s Q3 2019 Digital Advertising Benchmark Report, ecommerce ad spend rose 115% (Q3 2019 vs. Q3 2018).

According to eMarketer, the pandemic boost in ecommerce sales accelerated growth in US ecommerce channel advertising to 49.8%. per the Drum, digital ad spend accelerated 49% within the half of 2021 to hit £10.5bn.

As ecommerce advertising is on the increase, the present eBay marketplace model shows a changing dynamic between organic and paid search. In popular eBay categories, quite 50% of the primary page of search results are sponsored products. This includes the primary 5 search results that are becoming the foremost clicks.

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Four Key Benefits on Using Promoted Listing Standard

Promoted Listings Standard helps your items stand out among billions of listings on the eBay network and be seen by legion active buyers when they’re browsing and looking for what you’re selling, helping to extend the likelihood of an acquisition. The simplest part? You simply pay when your item sells.

Boosting Visibility

Your items are more likely to sell when more people see them. Promoted Listings Standard puts your items in front of more buyers, boosting visibility by up to 36%. So, eBay promote listing worth it, it’s a yes.

Pay Only for Sales

You’re not charged until a buyer clicks on your promoted listing and purchases the promoted item within 30 days.

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Guided Setup

Our guidance tools help take the guesswork out and suggest which items to promote and at what cost.

Detailed Reporting

Access detailed campaign metrics and sales reports to monitor performance and fine tune your campaigns.

How to Set Up Promoted Listings on Ebay

Setting up promoted listings and how to create a coupon on eBay are super simple. These are the five basic steps for how to advertise on eBay promotions 2022 and eBay promotions manager:

  • Managing and creating promoted listings begins and ends with your Seller Hub. To get there, log in and navigate to Once you’re in, click on Marketing >> Promoted listings.
  • To get started, click “Create your first campaign.” Alternatively, scroll down to Campaigns and click “Create a new campaign.”
  • You’ll need to choose whether you want to select individual listings to promote or multiple listings in bulk. You can select up to 50,000 listings in a single campaign (!) for the bulk option.
  • 1%–2% works well in the beginning. This is the cost of the ad if your promoted listing leads to a buyer clicking on and purchasing your promoted item up to 30 days after you start the promotion, you’ll pay that percentage of the final sale price.
  • To advertise your eBay listing, you need to finalise everything. After you set the ad rate, name your ad campaign so you can easily track its progress later in your promoted listings dashboard.

One of the various ways to quickly start creating a Promoted Listings Standard ad is to use the “Sell it Faster” option within the vendor Hub. Simply check the box while creating or editing your listings (as seen within the image above), choose your ad rate, and add your listings to a current campaign or start a replacement one.

Your new Promoted Listings Standard ad will now compete with other seller’s Promoted Listings to look where it’ll have the foremost exposure, like a suggestion on listing pages or directly in a buyer’s search results.

Sellers should monitor their Promoted Listings portfolio performance from their advertising dashboard to work out performance metrics in near real time.

Using this data, sellers can make educated adjustments to their Promoted Listings Standard campaigns to further optimise their performance. You’ll even be able to generate sales reports to further analyse your sales.

When to Use Promoted Listing Standard

You can use the Promoted Listings Standard to present greater exposure to the things you’re selling. you’ll get your listing ahead of more buyers, and you’re only charged for the ad if it helped your item sell.

Ads on marketplaces positively impact product page views, transactions and revenue. In general, they’re very effective for a brief boost in sales. However, a good long-term advertising strategy could be a completely different thing. for instance, the extent of competition depends on the time of the year, seasonal events like Black Friday, and so on.

For starters, if sellers aren’t alert to how Promoted Listings work, they’ll not know the way to successfully advertise on eBay: when, how or whether or not they really need ads.

For example, some items or search terms could also be very fashionable. Consider the sport Minecraft. The search results include over 30,000 individual listings, which makes it extremely hard for an inventory to face out. In such cases promotion can come to the rescue.

On the opposite hand, listings of unique, rare or hard-to-find products will probably be visible with none extra effort. No ads required.

Sometimes sellers must put in additional advertising effort. Yet again products can sell relatively easily with no (excessive) ad spend. Advertising activities should be adjusted accordingly. But, if you wonder how to run a sale on eBay without a store, surprisingly you cannot because you will need a store to sell you products and then, promote them on eBay.


eBay Promoted Listings’ advertising model is seller-friendly thanks to the likelihood of using both PPS and PPC models. But, why can’t I promote my eBay listing? For this issue, you can try to communicate with the customer service of eBay to help you fix it!

It’s worth trying Promoted Listings because of increased sales potential. Advertising can significantly increase your sales both domestically and internationally.

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