Is there anyone who doesn’t know what Shopee is? Shopee is an ecommerce marketplace that is popular and most visited nowadays but have you ever heard about the founder of shopee? In this article, we will discuss about Shopee founder, Mr. Forest Li. Let’s read this article to get more information about Mr.Forest Li.

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Forrest Li Becomes Singapore’s Richest Man Thanks To Sea Ltd’s Growth

You must know what Shopee and Lazada are. Both Shopee and Lazada are the most popular marketplace in SouthEast Asia but do you know who is the owner of shopee and lazada? 

Due to the most used platform, The shopee founder country has turned into the richest man. Who is the founder, chairman and CEO of Shopee? It is Mr. Forest Li. Forest Li was born in China but became a Singapore citizen.

As the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Shopee and Sea Ltd, Mr.Forest Li has become the richest man in Singapore nowadays with a net worth of S$26.6 billion or US$19.8 billion

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Forrest Li Becomes Richest Man in Singapore

Who is the owner of Shopee philippines?  To know about it, you can try to search forrest li linkedin and for your information Mr. Forrest Li is the one who owns Shopee Philippines. Not only Shopee Philippines but he is the owner of Shopee which is the huge ecommerce store in SouthEastAsia.

Mr. Forrest Li or Li Xiao Dong was born in 1978  is  a Chinese-born Singaporean entrepreneur and the founder of Garena and Shopee. For your additional information, both Garena and Shopee are under Sea Limited.

Shopee founder, Forrest Li arrived in Singapore more than 15 years ago with a student loan of $100,000 and had nothing in the bank and was only able to rent a room in a flat in Braddell. Now, as you can see, Mr Forrest Li has turned into a billionaire who owns the most popular ecommerce platform and other game business and digital finance. Mr. Li got the highest position in the Shopee organizational chart.

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Mr.Li brought home the coveted title at the 35th Singapore Business Awards (SBA) that was held at the Singapore Press Holdings News Centre auditorium. The reason why Mr.Li chose Shopee is because he said that digital transformation can enable anywhere, even in a small country like Singapore and so on other countries to have a big impact on the world. 

Digital marketplace will be more popular in a few years. Shopee as the most leading ecommerce platform can reach many people all around the world. This pandemic situation also helped the transformation of e-commerce because many people turned from the usual shop to online shop.

Besides that, there are many privileges too. You can get discounts, sales, cashback, free shipping and so on. When you shop online in Shopee, you can shop at any time and any place which means you don’t need to dress up to buy your needs. You just need to click on the things you need and pay for it. After that, you just need to wait for your needs to come to your front door. This is the main reason why ecommerce will be more popular in a few years.

Mr. Forest Li, the founder of shopee has his name written in Bloomberg Billionaires Index as the richest man in Singapore. He moved Mr.Goh Cheng Liang who has  US$17.7 billion (S$23.7 billion) fortune from the first position with his net worth of US$19.8 billion (S$26.6 billion). Mr. Forest Li also got the rank 101 as the richest man in the world.

Sea Ltd Is Southeast Asia’s Most Valuable Company

Sea Ltd’s shares have increased this year. It rose to 67% this year. What is Sea Ltd? Sea Ltd or also known as Sea Limited is a consumer Internet company that operates under 3 segments such as e-commerce, digital entertainment and also digital payments and financial services. Their business is popular nowadays including Shopee, Garena and SeaMoney.

This Sea,Ltd was founded in 2009 by 3 people such as Forrest Li, Gang Ye and David Chen. Sea Limited is the holding company for Garena, Shopee, SeaMoney and football club Lion City Sailors FC. Sea Limited has turned into the most valuable company in SouthEast Asia.

In this new period, Sea Ltd’s revenue has risen 159% to US$2.3 billion (S$3 billion). This success is driven from their platform such as SeaMoney, Shopee and Garena. SeaMoney is a digital payments and financial services company. The SeaMoney application has been used for more than US$4.1 billion which is an increase of almost 150% from the previous year.

Beside that, the Sea limited success is also driven from Shopee as the most visited application in SouthEast Asia and Garena, the mobile game that has been downloaded for 1 billion times on Google play.

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Rapid Growth Of Sea Ltd Throughout The Pandemic

Different from other companies that were weak or even bankrupt in this pandemic era, Sea Limited grew rapidly in pandemic situations. This is because of government law that asks their citizens to stay at home which means they will not be able to go outside or shop out there. And shopee become the place where they can shop without fear of coronavirus. 

To shop at Shopee, they just need to search and check out the item they want. They don’t need to dress up to shop for items and they can do it at any time and any place. The intelligence analyst of Bloomberg said that Sea Limited’s prospects look positive.

It is because many people get used to using the Shopee app and digital payment. This Shopee is not only available in one country but in several countries such as The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries in SouthEast Asia. 

So as the Garena which has been downloaded and played many times. In this pandemic situation, many people keep gaming to avoid boredom. Pandemic situations help to increase the growth of gaming and ecommerce companies.

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Great To See Home-grown Companies Thriving

Sea Limited has increased rapidly in this pandemic situation. Congratulations to Mr.Forest Li for this achievement.Hope Sea Limited will keep expanding worldwide.


Mr. Forrest Li is the founder of Sea Limited company. You can google about Forest Li to know about his net worth compared to Chris Feng’s net worth. You can also find about forrest li daughter.

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