YouTube is a platform for all people to post any video content they desire. YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world. YouTube mobile ads are 84% more likely to hold attention rather than TV ads. You can try using the YouTube video ad specs to advertise your business. There are several YouTube ads video format you can try. In this article, we will discuss YouTube ad formats 2021. Are you ready? Let’s check these out!

Skippable In-Stream Video Ads

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Skippable In-stream ads are also known as TrueView ads. This type of YouTube Ads is the first type of ads that YouTube offered. This particular ad format can be played either at the beginning, middle, or end of a video. These ads play for a minimum of 5 seconds and then the user can choose whether they want to watch the entire advertisement or skip them.

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In general, the allowed length of the ad should be between 12 seconds and three minutes.This video ad format allows customers to skip whenever they want after five seconds. That’s why your video needs to be on the point and can make the person take action in just a few seconds.  

In this type of YouTube ad, you only get charged when someone watches at least 30 seconds, the entire ad for any ad under 30 seconds, or if they click on it. These Skippable In-Stream Video Ads can run on desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, TV, and game consoles. YouTube skippable ads specs will appear on full screen in the video player.

Non-Skippable In-Stream Video Ads

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YouTube unskippable ads 2021 can run at the beginning, middle, and end of a video but in this type of ads, there is no skip button which means the customer can’t skip the ads and the customers have to watch all the ads.

These ads only take 15 seconds long or shorter so that the advertisement has to be clear. These Non-Skippable In-Stream Video Ads are Served on desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices. These ads will also appear on Full screen in the video player.

Most people skip the ads that get served in YouTube videos, the non-skippable ad is best when your brand really needs to raise brand awareness and doesn’t want to risk getting hundreds and thousands of ad skips.

The way that these ads charge advertisers is a little bit different from other advertisements. The charges are incurred per impression which is usually per 1000 views.

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Bumper Ads

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Bumper ads are one of YouTube display ads which play right before an actual video. These bumper ads are non-skippable video ads so the customer needs to watch the entire ads and not be allowed to skip the ads

This type of ads only takes six seconds long or even shorter. These Bumper Ads are Served on desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices. These ads will also appear on Full screen in the video player.

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These ads are perfect for anyone who has a simple message to get across and doesn’t need the full production of a minutes-long video. This bumper ads are also suitable for business that want to build brand awareness like promoting an event, or driving brand reach and frequency.

To make your ads work on YouTube, you have to properly choose the right ad format. After that, you can make your ads to spread brand awareness by choosing the accurate PPC ad networks in Malaysia.

If you want to use this bumper ads, you need to make ads which contain minimal and clear information because you only have 6 seconds. If a 6-second spot seems too short to make a lasting impact, Google analyzed 300 bumper ads and found that 90% created a big lift in ad recall. 

Discovery Ads

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Discovery ads are very different from the other YouTube ad types. This type of ads are actually similar to Google search ads. These ads help us view YouTube as a search engine like Google. Video Discovery Ads which is also known as In Display ads is an advertisement type that will only appear when the customer searches for some keyword. It appears as a suggestion in the search results or as related videos in the right-hand sidebar.

Discovery ads are actually composed in a thumbnail image and three lines of text. This YouTube video ad specs 2021 come to 300×250 pixel or 300×60 pixel image or text ads.

These ads can run on desktop and laptop computers and only appear to the right of your video and above the video suggestions list. These ads can only show on the search results page, video watch page, and YouTube homepage which gives them quite a bit of visibility.

These types of video ads are great for demonstrating how a particular product works or what it has to offer, as in the example below. The ads will always be relevant to the user as they rely on the exact keywords that were used when phrasing their search.

Besides selecting the right ad format, you will also have to set up a proper PPC campaign in order to increase your conversions ad. So, your ads will effectively work and your sales will also increase.

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Non-Video Ads

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One of the YouTube video ad dimensions is Non-Video Ads. For those who are looking at the small spend advertisement, you can try to use these non video ads. First, you can choose to serve a display ad on the right hand side of results while a video is playing. 

These non-video ads feature an image, some text to the right of the image, and also a button to click to your website. You can also serve a banner ad overlay that pops up during a video from a channel that’s decided to monetize. These non-video ads charge money on a cost-per-click basis. 

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YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world and YouTube Ads hold more attention than TV ads. That’s why you have to try to advertise your business in YouTube Ads. YouTube advertising is different from other online ad options. The platform relies solely on video but it also includes unique ad options and specifications. 

There are a lot of YouTube Advertisement types you can choose to advertise your business such as Skippable In-Stream Video Ads, Non-Skippable In-Stream Video Ads, Bumper Ads, Discovery Ads and Non-Video Ads. You can select and choose it based on your budget and also the goals you want to achieve.

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