Being one of the most popular marketplace not only in Malaysia but also the whole Southeast Asia, Shopee sure does offer lots of profit gaining possibilities to the point there are so many people wanting to start their first online business with Shopee. If you’re becoming a Shopee seller first time, keep reading through this article because we’re going to reveal secrets of how to become successful selling through Shopee.

How Do I Become a 2022 Shopee Seller?

Ready to gain extra income by opening an online business? Or is it your main source of income? Either way, choosing Shopee as your first online business’ partner is already the best decision. With almost 54 millions platform visitors by 2021, Shopee Malaysia  surely serves a higher potential for their sellers to grow faster.

With that being said, some of you might start to find a way on how to sell on Shopee Malaysia. Worry not because we will reveal everything you need to know through this article. Without further discussion, here’s what you need to do to become a Shopee seller account registration:

Download Shopee App

Of course you can’t skip this one step. Although you can also register and make a Shopee seller login through Shopee Websites, downloading the Shopee App could enable you to update feeds which will give you more chance of exposure. Thus, we highly recommend you to download and install the Shopee App.

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For Android users, you can download the Shopee App from Play Store while iPhone users can download through App Store. If you wish to have the Shopee App also downloaded on your PC, then you can get the App from BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. Type in “Shopee” and look for the one whose developer is Shopee, then click “Install”.

Register Account for Free

After having the app installed on your device, now it’s time to get your Shopee seller account. Tap on the “Me” tab to get into your profile page. Then click on “Register” to start your shopee account registration. You can register using your phone number, Google account, Facebook account, or Apple account.

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Making Seller Account

After you’re done registering the buyer account, go back to the “Me” tab and tap on “Start Selling” which is located on the upper right corner on your screen. There’s where the seller account is located. By clicking on it, you’ve done your Shopee seller sign up Malaysia. Don’t forget to set up the shipping and fill in your basic information such as name, active phone numbers, pick up address, etcetera.

List Your Product

After having a seller account, now it’s time to discuss how to start selling on Shopee. To start selling, you only need to upload your products. Use high quality pictures and make sure to use a relatable product name as well as describe your products in detail. Once you’re done, hit the “Publish” button and your product is up for sale.

7 Things Shopee Seller Need to Know at The First Time

As a beginner, there’s a few things that you need to look after such as:

Voucher and Discounts to Boost Sales

No one could resist a good deal as well as discounts. Thus, you can use this as a way to boost your sales. You can go to the Marketing Centre and choose either you want to give “Discount Promotion” or “Vouchers”.

Do You Want to Manage Multiple Marketplace Just by Single Person?

Of course you can! You can handle multiple stores from all marketplace just by single dashboard. Cut your Business’s cost, and Boost your Efficiency at the same time.

Join Campaign

Get chance to raise your store exposure by joining Shopee’s periodical campaign include

flash sale and the double date events.

Buy Sponsored Ads

Maximize your exposure by buying ads on Shopee. By this, you’ll get the chance of having your products / listings appear on the top for the keyword you bid for. To buy and activate these features, you can go to “Shopee Ads” sections of your seller store. Before you run the app, make sure you’ve already top up your ads balance.

Becoming a Preferred Seller

Any other way to get more exposure for both your store and your product is by becoming a Preferred Seller as a Preferred Seller by shopee get to boost in their search rankings, a Preferred Seller Badge as it boost credibility and give you extra buy rewards. 

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Do Shopee Live

Another way to get more sales is by using Shopee Live. Ever since 2019 above, livestreaming has somehow become a trend not only in Malaysia but everyone around the world. Doing livestream not only allows you  to sell more and reach more new audiences but also give you a chance to understand your audience better.

Following the Basic Shipping Guide from Shopee

Customers will love a low budget but fast shipping services. Shopee has helped sellers by partnering with lots of major courier companies  as integrated shipping partners of Shopee. To maximise the performance, Shopee has encouraged all of their sellers to ships out the product promptly and accurately.

Shopee Charge

There’s Shopee seller fee that will be subjected to a 2.21% transactions fee and some other variants of Shopee fee if you join certain Shopee programmes such as charged by 3.18% for RM15 Free Shipping Package, charged by 4.24% for 10% Coins Cashback Program, etcetera.

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5 Reasons Why Shopee Seller Needs Ginee ERP

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Managing each of your orders can cause a lot of hassle. However, with Ginee, you’re allowed to manage orders from all online marketplace like Shopee and Lazada easily. Starting from taking orders, arranging the shipments, printing the shipping labels, tracking the orders until the package has safely delivered to the customers, Ginee will help you manage and monitor all of that.

Understand Your Buyer’s Better with Customer Management Features

One of the most important yet most challenging task is to understand your customers better in order to run a successful business. Only after knowing your customers’ preferences can you evaluate your business and look after what to improve. Ginee will help you save a lot of time by collecting, sorting, and processing consumer data easily through our system.

You Just Need to Review Your Data Report, Not Making It

Indicator of a successful business is the sales record. You can now focus on sales and sales only and let Ginee help you in providing an easier way to analyze sales reports from all of your marketplaces so you can check it whenever you need as well as determining the progress of sales.

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