Shopee auto reply chat sample? Imagine if you contacted a business for support and haven’t heard back from them for some days. Isn’t it a frustrating situation? This can be one in all the common scenarios many purchasers face as businesses fail to know problems by putting themselves in clients’ shoes.

Auto reply messages are the most effective ways to keep up a transparent reference to your clientele.

Shopee message shortcut? Automated reply messages can keep customers informed with the proper responses that show your care towards them. With modern applications of AI (AI), there are new avenues to automate your customer communication and handle customer requests more efficiently.

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What is an Automated Reply Message?

How to know if a Shopee message is seen? Automated reply messages are predefined responses that want to communicate with customers across specific scenarios and keep information transparent. It helps customers to grasp what’s actually happening whether your agents are busy, out of the office, or on holidays.

Automatic replies help to remain connected to customers whether or not the actual channel isn’t available at that moment. Once you are out of the office or busy, it’s extremely helpful to produce personalised messages because it gives satisfaction and positive brand experience.

Why are Auto Reply Messages Important for Businesses?

Shopee chat message? Automated reply messages are an excellent way for businesses to fulfil customer support expectations of receiving a prompt response for his or her chat or email requests. Automated reply messages empower businesses to:

  • Maintain transparent communication with customers and keep them informed in terms of managing their queries.
  • By setting automated email messages, businesses can have continuous customer engagement via alternative channels.
  • Customer value brands that deliver prompt responses. With auto reply messages, brands can acknowledge customer support requests that boost satisfaction.

How to Set Up Auto Reply Shopee

How to unsend message in Shopee chat? The Auto-reply function in Chat Assistant allows you to reply with a generic response when a buyer initiates a conversation via Shopee Chat. to line up Auto-reply, visit the Chat Assistant within the Seller Centre. Under the Auto-reply tab, enable Default Auto-reply and customise your generic reply content.

Shopee chat history? You can also create Off-Work Auto-Reply to retort to buyers who initiate a conversation outside of working hours. visit the subsequent steps to form off-work auto-replies:

  • Switch on the toggle for Off-Work Auto Reply under the Chat Assistant Auto-reply tab.
  • Edit your reply content. Sellers are encouraged to state working hours and expected intervals to manage buyers’ expectations.
  • Edit your working hours setting by selecting the times you’d wish to set the auto-reply for and set your work hours. you’ll also select Apply to all or any day if your working hours are the same for all the times you’ve got selected.
  • Save your settings.
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Best Practises of Creating Auto Reply Messages 

Businesses depend upon delivering excellent samples of automated reply messages to manage customer expectations and make them feel valued. However, it’s recommended to follow the key ideas for creating professional auto reply messages to supply instant communication.

1. Set Clear Customer Expectations


One common challenge faced by customers is that auto reply emails or text messages lack a specification about the estimated wait time to urge answers for his or her queries.

Providing estimated time to customers for getting responses is that the first and foremost best practice to be followed by businesses. Usually, when customers know what the wait duration is, they’re not very frustrated. Hence, setting clear expectations is crucial for delivering excellent service.

Help your users know when to expect a response. It’s easy to point out customers your team’s availability and allow them to know once they can get assistance from your team. you’ll manage their expectations by setting your office hours and expected latent period.

2. Provide Alternative Ways of Customer Contact

How to delete photos in Shopee chat? Businesses that send autoresponder messages must make sure that they supply alternative contact options. The automated email responses or text messages should clearly mention what way customers can reach the business.

Here is an auto reply message example that gives an alternate email contact choice to assist customers during the absent period. Thus, helping customers to not make impromptu decisions and understand the subsequent course of the move.

When you share transparent business information and supply other ways when the relevant channel isn’t available, it delivers a pleasant service experience.

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3. Focus on the Language Tone

The language tone may be a crucial component of your brand messaging. It includes various aspects of communication, like the words used, the extent of ritual. Implementing an honest language tone enables businesses to unify the way it communicates.

Just imagine the benefit your customers feel once they receive a warm and friendly automated message that sounds human. Hence once you craft autoresponders, keeping your brand’s voice and elegance is incredibly important to provide somebody’s touch.

You must pay close attention to signs of negative language or tendencies to sound monotonous. Instead, you’ll use simple, everyday vocabulary to convey your message.

3 Examples of Shopee Auto Reply Chat

Auto reply message sample for online shopping? Many businesses are using automated messages for retaining their customers and setting good examples for other businesses to follow. Using the auto reply messages rightly helps the business from taking impromptu decisions.

Here are some samples and templates of automatic reply messages across various scenarios.

1. Offline Messages with Live Chat

Auto reply Shopee? If the visitors land your website after business hours or during holidays and don’t get any response they could slip away. they may be important sales leads and losing them can impact your business.

You can configure automated reply messages to encourage customers to submit their queries. Businesses can create offline messages in REVE Chat to stay their customers informed about their business hours and guide them towards getting a faster response.

2. Auto Reply Messages for Queuing

According to American Express, “Six in ten customers feel that companies meet their service expectations”. Customers explore for faster resolution and depend on the expectations that companies set with queue time for evaluating their service quality.

When customers receive automated messages, they need expectations about the wait duration (in terms of number for e.g. 4 mins or 4th position), which will make or break their customer service experience.

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3. Busy Autoresponders

Auto chat Shopee? Having knowledgeable automated messages after you are busy enough to answer customer queries instantly can set the correct tone for your business and inform customers once they can expect to receive the response.

It makes a positive difference once you create auto reply messages that adhere to the essential elements of personalised messages followed with greetings.

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Every customer interaction is very important to showcase your brand personality and auto reply messages aren’t any different. Hence, you would like to form the correct use of each opportunity and convert it into an honest experience. Automated reply messages facilitate your to produce great customer experience and also sets the proper expectation.

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