Whether you’re new to digital marketing or have a clue about Google Ads, PPC’s concept can be a little confusing. Let’s start with what is a PPC campaign strategy. PPC in digital marketing stands for Pay per Click.

What is PPC? A PPC campaign strategy is a form of internet marketing model where the advertisers pay a fee each time an online shopper clicks on their ad. The model is one of the evolving ways of buying visits to your website. Most modern e-commerce businesses prefer this option to the more complicated attempts to earn visits through organic search.

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6 PPC Strategies to Try Out in 2021

Many businesses use PPC management software to manage their campaigns which is a nice way to adjust the cost per click of their campaigns. However, these software are not sufficient enough to help you create successful PPC campaign goals.

You need to test and implement various strategies that are up to date because Google is continuously bringing the latest updates for ads. You have to keep up if you want to stay on top of your game.

Selecting the right PPC strategy has a lot to do with the nature of your business and your goals. However, there are a few latest strategies which can help you get better outcomes regardless of your niche. Here is the list of 6 PPC campaign strategies that you should try to stay ahead in 2021.

Make Use of Promotion Extension

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Promotion extension provides extra attention and visibility to your PPC ad because it enables people to get the ideal deal that your business is offering. This strategy is very effective as it grabs the attention of a visitor, especially the deals seekers, in no time. Promotion extension is displayed under your ad in a user friendly format.

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How to Make Use of Promotion Extension the Best Way?

A great way to utilize promotion extension is to add the occasional events like New Year, Christmas and Black Friday. It is one of the best times to get the maximum benefit from it. You should also enable mobile preference as well so that mobile users can also view them.

Set Your PPC Keeping Voice Search in Mind

Voice search is also becoming very common, thanks to the smart home devices. However, many advertisers do not focus on it as much as they should. The common reasons for this include the insufficient volume of voice searches they get or they are unable to recognize these search queries accurately.

The queries of voice search are longer as compared to normal search queries so you should make sure that you optimize your voice search the right way.

How to Create a Winning Voice Search Strategy for PPC?

Here 6 best ways to create a winning voice search strategy for PPC:

  • The first step is to check if your campaigns are getting voice search.
  • Get the search query report from ad words.
  • Filter all the relevant search queries.
  • Use a keyword tool to finalize the keywords for your voice search.
  • Include negative keywords but make sure that you add research-based negative keywords.

Give More Attention to Mobile-Specific PPC Ads

Mobile-specific PPC ads are getting great attention. More than 60 percent of marketers are spending a huge budget on mobile-specific ads because they are getting considerable results from these PPC strategy for ecommerce.

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Before investing your budget on these ads, ensure that your website is well optimized for mobile users. If your website is taking too long to load on mobile devices, then it is better to resolve this issue and then proceed further with mobile PPC ads.

Best Practices For Mobile Based PPC Ads

Here 6 best practices for mobile based PPC ads :

  • Work on your website first to deliver an outstanding mobile experience to your users.
  • Place ad extensions in your ads.
  • Use enticing keywords to help the user make decisions rapidly.
  • Add offers and incentives to your ads.
  • Optimize your ads according to the perfect day and time using the day parting feature of ad words.
  • Include emojis in your ads to deliver your message instantly

Stand Out From Your Competitors Using Target Outranking Share

This PPC topics strategy works extremely well to outrank any of our competitors on the Google search engine tactically. 

The bid of your Google Ads adjusts automatically using this technique so that you can outrank the ads of your competitor, but it is restricted to the campaigns of the search network you are targeting so make sure you target the right search network.

Well, if you just start listing the benefits of this strategy, then this might not sound more interesting to you. So, it’s better to show you some real life PPC campaign example.

How Does This Strategy Actually Work?

Here 4 steps that you need to make this PPC strategy template actually work : 

  • The First step is to pick the campaign and view a complete picture of your competitor’s strength by simply clicking the ‘Selected’ button under the ‘Detail’ tab. It will display an in-depth report so that you can see which competitor is outranking you. 
  • In the next step, you can easily spot out all the domains where your outrank share was lower compared to your competitors.

  • So now you have the domains which you want to outrank using the target outranking share. It’s time to implement this technique now.
  • Click on ‘Target Outrank Share’ under ‘Bid Strategy’. Mention the name of the domain you want to outrank, set the ‘Target to outrank’ tab, ‘Maximum bid limit’ tab and the ‘Bid Automation’.

Set Location Bid Adjustment to Target The Right Visitors

Remember, it’s not all about visitors, but the right visitors that are interested in your product/service.

Imagine your online store that is getting around ten thousand visitors in a week, but only fifty of them are converting into customers. Then there is something wrong with your customer targeting which you definitely need to optimize.

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Location bid strategy is the perfect solution for all those businesses having the issue discussed above. Using this strategy, you can make sure that you are investing your budget in the area where it should be spent for maximum outcomes for PPC strategy 2021.

How To Set The Location Bid Adjustment 

Here 3 easy ways and best steps to do that: 

  • Simply open your Google Ads account, locate the settings tab of the campaign you want to set the location. You will see the location tab there, click this tab, and it will show you all the locations that you are targeting using that campaign.
  • On the same tab, you will also see the ‘Bid adj’ tab along with the ‘Clicks tab’. The clicks tab will tell you the real story regarding how many clicks you are actually getting from a specific location. 
  • Now, you have to click on the ‘Bid adj’ tab to set your bids. You can set them by specifying percentage to all your targeted locations. 

Place a Targeted Cost per Conversion

Conversion optimization is an excellent strategy to keep a stable cost per conversion among your ads. It allows you to get all your conversions under a specific budget. You can set it on a single campaign as well as on multiple campaigns.

But you need to make sure that you have set up the conversion tracking feature otherwise you will not be able to correctly optimize it.

How Does It Work?

When you set conversion tracking on your campaigns, it allows Google Ads to notice an optimal CPC of your bids. These bids are considered as an average CPA that is utilized by Google to target among your campaigns.

Suppose you set a targeted CPA of $5, then Google Ads will place the CPC bid around that cost automatically to drive conversions. Targeted CPA is calculated on the basis of historical data like 15 conversions of your last month.

For that reason, it is necessary to consider your CPC target to ensure that it’s not on the lower side because if the last conversions that ad words had tracked come under the period where you were not getting enough conversions, then it can negatively affect your recent campaign.


PPC campaigns are no doubt the backbone of marketing your business, but the strategy used to bring results from these campaigns change constantly. Some strategies are excellent for a specific business, but for other businesses, they are not that much effective. 

So, it depends a lot on which strategy suits your business well. The best way to explore this is to test them all one by one and track their results to discover all the top strategies for your business.

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