Shopee is a promising place to set up a business. There are many features you can use to help you with it too. Not only sellers can earn money in Shopee, Shopee users can also earn money in Shopee. Are you curious on how to use Shopee earn money? Check this out!

What Is Shopee?

What is a Shopee business model canvas? Before we discuss it, it is better to know clearly what Shopee is. So what is Shopee and Shopee business strategy? Shopee is the place where buyer and seller meet for a transaction. You can find many products in Shopee since Shopee has many product categories like beauty products, fashion, health, toys and many more.

As one of the most visited marketplace, selling things in Shopee might be a good decision because Shopee has great traffic. Beside that, Shopee are available in 7 countries which means you can sell your things overseas.

Shopee was founded in 2015 in Singapore and it has turned out to be the most popular apps in Malaysia. You can enjoy many features when using Shopee apps to help you with your business like Shopee Live, Shopee Webchat, Shopee Ads and so on.

For your information, the Shopee business model and revenue model is actually the same like other marketplace. You can use this app to earn money by being the seller or dropshipper. You might be curious why Shopee is recommended as a place to start your business. Here are the reasons why you should start your business in Shopee.

  • Free Commission – there is no Shopee earn commission when selling on Shopee. You will not be asked to pay commission yearly or monthly fees.
  • Free Shipping – Shopee often offer free shipping vouchers that you can use to check out your order which can be used for a minimum check out of RM25.
  • Easy to use and mobile friendly – Shopee app is easy to use and it is mobile friendly. Sellers can also upload their product listing through the phone.
  • Able to interact with customers – You can communicate and interact with buyers by using Shopee Chat.
  • There is a help section – you can get all information from shipping, delivery, discount voucher and many more in this section.
  • Multi-language support – you can set the language you want in Shopee because Shopee are available in 5 language such as English, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese
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How to Earn Money In Shopee?

Now you already know how Shopee works for sellers. Shopee business model is the same as other marketplace. The question is how to earn in Shopee malaysia? Here is the good news. You can earn money not only by selling things in Shopee but there are many ways you can earn money in Shopee. Are you curious? Here are the tips for you

Playing Game

Another way to get money in Shopee is by playing the Shopee games. It seems impossible but it is true. You can get Shopee coins, cashback and discount vouchers that you can use in the next purchase. 

There are many games you can play such as Shopee pets, Shopee bubble and etc but the coins you might get from playing games are not that much but it is still a coin which you can accumulate in your account and use in the next purchase.

Paying Your Utility Bills

Another way to get Shopee coins is by just paying your bills via Shopee apps but there is a minimum amount of bills to be paid to get coins cashback. The percentage of coins you get will depend on the amount of bill you paid.

Topping-Up your Shopee Wallet

Can I earn money from Shopee pay? And yes, you can also earn money from Shopee Pay but how to earn money on Shopeepay? The way for it is simple, you just need to top up your Shopee pay. As you know that Shopee pay is a payment method that you can use to pay your bills in Shopee but before you can use it, you need to top up it first. There are voucher cashbacks sometimes so you need to update your information. 

Watching Live Sellers and Streamers

There is another way to earn money from Shopee which is by watching live sellers and streamers. Actually this is Shopee way to attract buyers to watch the Shopee seller live by giving coins after watching the live streams. 

You will get 0.1 to 0.2 cents for every 5 minutes when watching a seller’s live selling session or live stream. For your information, the coins are limited in this section. You can see whether the coins have been fully claimed on the upper right corner. You can see which live seller or live streamer is giving out coins by looking at the Shopee Live Streaming page. You can see the gold coin symbol at the upper right corner of every live seller box.

Joining Games and Contest

Another way to earn coins is by joining games and contests hosted by Shopee or streamers. There are usually games and contests in the middle of the live sections. You might get the giveaway too.

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Leaving a Review

Leaving a review can be the way to earn money in Shopee. The way to write a review is not difficult, you just need to write an honest review of the product you buy in Shopee. For example, it is authentic, the products are not working, late shipment and so on. 

Remember you will only get the coins when you write a review with 100 characters and don’t forget to take the photo and videos of the product and upload it together with your review. You will earn 0.2 coins once you have uploaded your review.

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Shopee is the place where buyer and seller meet for a transaction. Not only that, you can also earn coins in Shopee which you can use to deduct your bills in Shopee.

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