Besides Shopee Live, have you ever heard about Shopee Feed Malaysia? Shopee Feed is a feature that can be used by sellers to gain more followers, or increase engagement with customers. Here is the explanation of Shopee Feed and how to post on Shopee Feed.

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Introduction to Shopee Feed & Features

Shopee Feed is a platform to actively interact with their followers via well designed posts for sellers. Sellers can share posts to promote their shop, etc. to interact with buyers and increase sales. Shopee seller Feed has several features which you can use to increase engagement with customers. There are Voucher Tags and Product Tags. 

Shopee Story lets sellers share updates and moments in their day in each image and video easily. This lets followers and potential customers have a more immersive and engaging experience of the seller’s business. Shopee Stories actually have a lifespan 24 hours after being not available. Below are steps to post on Shopee Feed in Shopee App, not Shopee feed on PC.

Tap Me Page

Cara buat Shopee Feed, first tap on the Me page in your Shopee App. Make sure that you have an account, or create Shopee seller account previously . 

Tap Posts

In the Me page, click on Posts as shown in the above image.

Tap + Icon

Next, click on the + icon in the corner of the screen. 

Choose Create Post

After that, you can see the Add Story and Create Post menu. Choose the Create Post menu.

Choose Photo

Choose the photos you want to upload in your Shopee Feed.

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Tap Next

Here, you need to adjust the Shopee Feed post size. Then, click on Next at the top of the page.

Tap Post

Fill in the caption of your post. When you are done, click Post to publish it.

Content Ideas & Tips for Shopee Feed

To hook customers in your feed, sellers are recommended to diversify their postings to have interaction with the market thoroughly. Some content ideas to engage more buyers, including product giveaways on Shopee Feed, add Shop Vouchers to your Feed posts, incorporate Call-to-Actions on your post to boost Shopee user engagement, and use applicable Shopee Feed hashtags to grow your posts exposure.

To optimize your post performance, you can repost customer reviews, post high quality images and videos, post regularly, post regularly, create various types of post content, encourage audience participation, and many more. Here are several content ideas you can follow. 

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Product/Voucher Giveaways on Feed

The first content idea you can follow is to make a Product/Voucher giveaway. The objectives of Shopee Feed giveaway content is to engage users, boost engagement metrics, and increase interaction between sellers and customers. What you can do first is to make a caption asking customers to like, comment, and/or share their experiences. The lucky customers that you choose will get products or vouchers.

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Engagement Posts – User CTAs

The next content idea is using CTAs, such as like, comment, share. The objectives of this idea is to engage customers, boost engagement metrics, and increase interaction between sellers and customers. With CTA, you can encourage user engagement.

Hashtags on Your Posts

You can also put hashtags on your post to increase post exposure on feed, and allow customers to follow hashtags to enable posts with the same hashtag appear on their timeline. 

Voucher Posts on Feed

The last is by giving customers shop vouchers. This can engage customers and drive order conversion. How voucher posts on feed works by attaching shop vouchers to feed posts. 

Content Guidelines for Shopee Feed

Shopee has content guidelines for Shopee Feed, Shopee Story, and Highlight Collection. These are Shopee Feed Post Guidelines that need to be comply:

  • High resolution images/videos
  • Max. five photos per post
  • Maximum of 2,200 characters per post
  • Avoid making content that violate Shopee’s terms and regulations
  • Videos need to be among 3 to 60 seconds length
  • Maximum have 5 product tags per post and 30 hashtags per post

These are guidelines about Shopee Story and Highlight Collection which you should follow, such as:

  • Up to 50 live stories at anytime
  • Up to 5 images or videos while choosing from Album to publish Story
  • Up to 50 stickers per story
  • Up to 50 stories per highlight collection. The maximum number of highlight collections are capped at 100 collections
  • Story movies need to be among 3 to 60 seconds length
  • Maximum 5 product tags per story

Kindly make sure to follow Shopee community guidelines in your submit content material, as Shopee Feed is a social platform in which sellers and customers have interaction freely. If you violate the content guidelines, it may bring warning, temporary bans, and/or permanent Shopee Feed banned.

Examples of Shopee Feed Posts and Stories

When you need to know how to boost Shopee sales, here are the examples of Shopee Feed Posts and Stories you can try.

Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty posts must be supported with proper lighting, clean images, display of items without their packaging, item variation swatches on different skin tones and thematic colour scheme posts. 


Shoe posts are encouraged to have proper lighting, clean backgrounds, product demonstration by model and colour coordination with clothing worn by the model.


Fashion posts are supposed to have suggested styled outfit mix with product, have a clean background, display items in use or held by the model. 

Home and Living

Home and living posts must be supported with proper lighting, objects displayed in the right home setting and proper angle to see the whole object.


Shopee Feed is a platform to actively interact with their followers via well designed posts for sellers. You can just use your phone to post on Shopee Feed. Some content ideas you should try, such as Product/Voucher giveaway, engagement post, hashtags on post, and voucher post on feed.

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