How to improve expected CTR? But before we discuss how to improve CTR. You need to know What is expected CTR first. CTR or click through rate is a metric that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per number of impressions. 

If you have a low expected CTR, your campaign can be seriously damaged and give your competition the upper hand. Beside that, expected CTR is impacted by the historical data at account, campaign and ad group level. That’s why you need to pay more attention to your expected CTR. So are you curious how to increase CTR of website? This article will explain this matter. Check this out!

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Use More Relevant/Precise Keywords to Improve Your Click Through Rate

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The relevancy of your keyword will give a big impact to your Expected CTR, Google Ads. You don’t have to only use the exact keyword to your ads but you need to use several keywords which are relevant to your ads because it will bring you more conversions.

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The relevant keyword will help you more precisely target your audience. The more relevant your keywords are, the wider variety of search terms your ads will show up.  It is usual for the broad match keyword to have many impressions because your ads will show up even for the irrelevant one.

An impression without clicks tells Google that users don’t want to click your ads which will make Google charge you more per click. This charge is because you get a low score CTR.

Keep Tighter Relevance between Keywords and Ad Text

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The other tips on how to improve CTR of display ads is the relevance between your keywords and Ad Text. Once you have chosen and group your keyword, you need to make sure that your keywords are relevant with your Ad Text. 

The other easiest way to help you with your ad relevance is by using SKAGS or also known as single word ad groups. By using SKAGS, you will only have one main keyword in your ads. This means that your click through rate will start to improve because your ads are more relevant to search items.

When you make your ads campaigns, you need to make sure that the keyword you use is precise and relevant to your ads. You have to try to insert the keyword in the main headline, display the URL, the CTA, conclusion or other part that you think might work. This method is really helpful to improve your expected CTR and your Google Ads quality score.

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Split Test Ads

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People are also questioning on How to improve CTR PPC? One way to improve your CTR is by splitting your test ads. You can try to split tests on three or four ads per ad group.

You can create many variations of advert copy and test them against each other on Google Adwords. By doing the split test ads to three or four ads per ads per group, you can see which part gets the highest CTR. 

After you see the result, you can try to pause any ads that are performing poorly and replace them with the new variations which can be split tested again. Beside that, you can also do an experiment by testing different ad types to improve your CTR.

You might also be wondering why you need to split your test ads. It is because research has shown that responsive text ads can lead to improved CTR. A responsive text ads will allow you to provide Google with many possible headline and description variants for them to test against each other.

You can search How to improve click-through rate email on Google if you are not sure how to do it yourself.

Make Use Of Ad Extensions

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If you are curious on how to increase CTR Facebook ads, you go to the right sites. To increase your CTR, you can use the Ad Extensions. There are several ranges of different Ad Extensions that are offered by Google when you build an ad campaign. If you utilise the Ad Extension properly, it will give you a positive effect on your expected CTR.  Here are several Ad Extensions you need to know.

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This sitelink allows you to add extra links on your ad which can make your user interested on your website. This sitelink has been proven to improve your ads CTR, not because it gives the users more options but because it makes your ad significantly bigger. 


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By adding a call extension, it will allow potential customers to get in contact with you. The user can go straight to a call when clicking on the call extension. This only happens if the users are on mobile or call software or even they are on desktop. This method is ideal for businesses which need a customer call for the sales purchase.


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Ad extension allows you to insert a special offer or sale below your ad. You can add 4 types of promotion in your ad extension such as monetary discount, up to monetary discount , percentage discount and the last is up to percentage discount.


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You can also add the price extension in your ads. You can include additional links in your ad that will take users to specific product pages. By adding a price extension, it helps you tell the user how much your product or service is.

Review Your Search Terms

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If you are managing a Google Ads campaign, you need to keep doing and reviewing the search terms section to see what searchers you are showing for and how is the performance. It is important to find and exclude search terms with a high number of impressions and low CTR. This is really useful to help you to know that there are irrelevant terms that might harm your CTR.


For  a successful Google Ads campaign, you need to improve your expected CTR. CTR is the rate at which PPC ads are clicked or in other word is the number of people who see and click your ads. This CTR is important for your PPC success.

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