Do you ever sell items in e-commerce? Is it your first time? When it is your first time to sell items in Lazada and get your first order, you must be confused about what to do first. 

How to get invoice in Lazada is very important for you who want to be a seller in e-commerce. Creating a list of your invoices will make it easier to make deliveries. With invoices, sellers can save time and reduce errors in writing buyer addresses. 

Therefore, printing an invoice is needed by the company as proof of the transaction which has been done. Before we explain to you about how to get invoice from Lazada, it is better to know what invoice is, and what its purpose and what invoice function is.

Invoice is a document that a business sends to a buyer. It lists the products and services that the business has provided the client. When an invoice is sent to a customer, it acts as an official request for payment for these products or services. 

The purpose of an invoice is to stay organized and knowledgeable about which customers owe you. And, you know when payments are overdue. An invoice is also a record for the person receiving them (however, there is a marked difference between invoice and receipt).

While an invoice is a request for payment, a receipt is the proof of payment. It is a document confirming that a customer received the goods or services they paid a business for — or, conversely, that the business was appropriately compensated for the goods or services they sold to a customer.

The functions of invoices are to maintain the records, payment tracking, legal protection, easy tax filing, and business analytics. The most important benefit of an invoice is the ability to keep a legal record of the sale. Payment tracking is an invoice that is an invaluable tool for accounting. 

A proper invoice is legal proof of an agreement between the buyer and seller on a set price. Recording and maintaining all sale invoices helps the company report its income and ensure that it’s paid the proper amount of taxes. 

Analyzing invoices can help businesses gather information from their customers’ buying patterns and identify trends, popular products, peak buying times, and more. 

So after you know what invoice is, and what its purpose and what invoice function is, here is a little explanation about how to get an invoice from Lazada.

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How to Get Invoice from Lazada?

You can download transaction details and/or your invoices easily. Sellers can now download their invoice without having to go through PSC agents or Masterforms.

To download your transaction details and/or invoice, here are a few steps you can try.

Open Lazada Seller Centre

First step, you must go to Lazada Seller Centre if you registered in Lazada Malaysia by clicking this link.


The second step, login to your account. You can input your mobile number or your email, and of course with your password. There are also several ways to login to your account, such as Login with SMS, or connect to another social media.

If you forgot your password, please click on the Forgot Password, and you will be redirected to insert your mobile number or your email.

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Go to Finance

The third step is to go to Finance and select Account Statement on the right side bar. After page load, choose Paid and you can choose between the action, such as Export Transaction Detail OR Export Invoices. You can see your paid status whether your transaction is paid or not.

To select a specific Statement Cycle, you can use the drop down menu and select the statement cycle date (5).

Then, can a tax invoice be sent to my email? Yes, you can get a tax invoice printed in hardcopy along with an email sent to your for items that are ‘Fulfilled by Lazada’ (FBL).

There will be a softcopy of the invoice sent to customers via email within 5 working days after the order has been ‘Delivered’. But, Official Lazada invoices are only printed in hardcopy and included together within the packaging of your item(s). 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are you still confused about how to get invoices in Lazada? Here are a few Frequently Asked Question related to invoice from Lazada that might help you.

Where Can I Get Receipt from Lazada?

Lazada’s official receipts are usually attached with the item in the parcel. However, in the event if you did not receive the receipt for the item, please send your request to

For retail items, the official receipt will be issued upon request and once the order is delivered. All official receipts will be sent via email.

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Does Lazada Give Receipt?

Yes, we do. All official receipts are attached with the item in the parcel. But only invoice for items that are Fulfilled by Lazada (FBL) will be sent via email within 5 working days from the delivery date. 

How Can I Download Lazada Statement?

To download your transaction details and/or your invoice, you can go to :

Finance → Account Statement → Paid → Select action: Export Transaction Detail OR Export Invoices.

Use the dropdown menu and select the statement cycle date if you want to show a specific Statement Cycle.

Seller Lazada is able to download invoices without having to go through PSC agents or Masterforms.


If you are a new seller in Lazada, it is very easy to get invoices from Lazada. Here are the steps to get your invoice.

Open your Lazada Seller Centre and login to your account by inserting your mobile number and your password. You can also use your email to login. The next step is to go to Finance on the right side bar, and choose Account Statement. Click on Paid and select action Export Transaction or Export Invoices.

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