E-commerce plays an important role during the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam. At this difficult time, Omnichannel Vietnam was introduced as a trend to increase brand awareness and there are many benefits of selling Omnichannel in Vietnam. According to Omnisend, marketers who use equal to or more than 3 channels earned 287% higher purchase rate than those who use single channel.

Omnichannel can be understood as “multichannel” but it has a different approach compared to Multichannel. The customers are considered to be the center in the Omnichannel model. So what is the benefit of selling Omnichanel? Should we choose it instead of other channels? This article will help you explore the answer.


Ginee Omnichannel tự động thêm mới, chỉnh sửa hàng loạt và cập nhật sản phẩm mới trên các sàn TMĐT cùng một lúc giúp tiết kiệm thời gian, chi phí và nhân lực.

Why Is it the Best Time for the Merchants to Start Selling Omnichannels in 2021?

BigCommerce.com states that 46% of retail executives claimed they had intention of growing their investment in omnichannel retailing in 2020 as purchasing behavior of consumers has shifted to this channel when the pandemic appeared, which caused seller or business manager to move to Omnichannel marketing.

In other words, Omnichannel enables seller or business manager to increase sales and revenue. Omnichannel is suitable for many customers because of its convenience, which would make your selling online channel more outstanding and keep the customers coming back to you. In addition, it would optimize your business with data and analytics.

Besides Omnichannel, online seller or business manager could use Multichannel or single channel model. But why should they choose Omnichannel instead of these other two? Single channel means that the business manager only sells products via one channel only. This would not maximize their income or business efficiency.

Moreover, Multichannel is considered as a way to solve some issues that Single channel has, but Multichannel would make the seller face many problems related to management such as stocks, inventory or cash flow. Multichannel mostly just focuses on the channels and customer engagements, which wouldn’t make the customers feel satisfied when purchasing any product from the channels.

So applying Omnichannel for your business is an optimal solution for the current situation filled with many uncertainties now because it would prevent these problems mentioned from occurring.

Benefits of Selling Omnichannel in Vietnam

There are many benefits of selling Omnichannels and here are the most 3 outstanding ones that seller or business manager should choose Omnichannels now.

Advertising Your Store in a Better Way

Omnichannel has some very special features that other channels don’t have, it helps separate channels gain a connection with each other. Moreover, Omnichannel focuses on the customers and customer experiences, so it can be said that Omnichannel would allow seller or business manager to meet their customers anytime and anywhere. 

When the customers see what they need of many channels from the same sellers, they would feel a connection between these stores and feel more confident to make a purchase. The sellers do not have to pay anything to advertise their goods but the customers still purchase them because choosing Omnichannel is already a good way to advertise.

That means that the customers can see the seller’s brand on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, ecommerce apps such as Shopee or Lazada. It is an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness, isn’t it?

Approaching Different Types of Customers in Many Regions

If the sellers apply a single channel model, they could not have many customers to attract. That means seller or business manager would not have any data from the customer to make the analysis for better strategies in the future to adjust their sales or marketing methods,

As mentioned above, Omnichannel would allow seller to meet many customers anytime and anywhere due to the fact that they advertise their products via many channels, which means that there could be a higher possibility of meeting the target customers. With a reasonable number of customers, they can analyze the data and give a better strategy later.

Applying a single channel model to sell online is not a wise way because it could not approach many people, who could be your potential customers. Moreover, it could not help you manage your data analysis more efficiently.

Increasing Your Income in a Smart Way

If the seller or business manager chooses a single channel model, they could not optimize their income because there would not be so many customers who know their products to make a purchase. They should diversify their channels to maximize the profits.

However, when the sellers have many channels to sell online, they might experience difficulty managing these channels, such as distributing the reasonable quantity of goods across channels. Therefore, they would hire a separate management system to enhance their operation and have to pay unnecessary fees.

Thanks to Omnichannel, seller or business managers could find the answer to the question of how to make business more efficient because the management process is not interrupted anymore. Seller would not need to pay extra costs, thereby leading to cost efficiency. Omnichannel seems to be a perfect model for your business, doesn’t it?


Liên Hệ Ginee Để Được Tư Vấn Miễn Phí Giải Pháp Quản Lý Cửa Hàng Đa Kênh Cho Doanh Nghiệp Của Bạn

How to Optimize Your Business when Selling Omnichannel? Choose Ginee!

Overall, Omnichannel is a trend for retailers to shift because if they don’t choose Omnichannel, they could probably face some issues related to management of stocks, inventory, delivery, cash flows. Omnichannel Vietnam is an important piece to make your business plan perfect.

Ginee Vietnam is an Omnichannel helping online seller or business manager approach their customers more easily to improve business efficiency since it offers seller a clear look across different platforms in one dashboard.

What lets Ginee Vietnam stand out is the Ginee ERP system, a type of software that is often used by firms or businesses to manage their daily operations or we can say seller or business manager is having business efficiency consulting services. That is the reason why Omnichannel has many superior features for seller or business compared to Single channel or Multichannel.

Seller would not have to face some problems such as inability to reach potential customers or cost inefficiency. If you want to try Ginee, do it now with Trial version.


Ginee Omnichannel tự động cập nhật hàng tồn theo thời gian thực, cảnh báo hết hàng và thay đổi hàng tồn cho các sàn TMĐT