Selling products on many different Marketplaces is one of the best ways for merchants, business managers to improve their business efficiency, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Harvard Business Review, about 24% of merchants have converted in multi-platforms model and 24% of all sellers have witnessed an increase in revenue.

However, when it comes to many channels, seller or business manager might have difficulty managing products, inventory, cash flow, allocating stocks or offering consistent information across the marketplaces. This would lead to a thought of how to make business more efficient and a need for business efficiency consulting services.

Don’t worry, all these problems can be solved by Ginee Vietnam – an Omnichannel Vietnam with an optimal Omnichannel marketing.


Ginee Omnichannel tự động cập nhật hàng tồn theo thời gian thực, cảnh báo hết hàng và thay đổi hàng tồn cho các sàn TMĐT

What is Ginee Vietnam?

Basically, Ginee Vietnam is the modern omnichannel ecommerce platform. Ginee allows sellers or business managers to create and manage online stores across a variety of channels such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, etc. Ginee has partnered with various mainstream platforms in the Asia Pacific area since it started in January 2020. 

Ginee offers a number of supporting services such as payment channel and logistics setup, which would enable the efficiency of the business plan of the seller or business manager to be enhanced by providing a single platform for all aspects of their operations. Ginee is headquartered in Singapore and has four offices throughout Asia.

What makes Ginee special is the Ginee ERP system. So what is ERP? To summarize, it is Enterprise Resource Planning, a type of software that is often used by firms or businesses to manage their daily operations. This ERP software would help seller or business manager save time and money during the operation. It can be understood that the seller or business manager is having business efficiency consulting services.

So if you are thinking of ERP system Vietnam and finding the best ERP Vietnam. Ginee is what you are looking for!

How Many Users Does Ginee Have?

Although Ginee was just launched 1 year ago, it has attracted many users in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc., including more than 50,000 top businesses and brands who are also currently using Ginee as a key to their business efficiency. This indicates that despite COVID-19 pandemic, Ginee is still receiving many people’s trust.

“My experience using Ginee is very good! By using the Bulk Product Copy Feature, uploading products is no longer a problem! Managing stores is easier and faster! And in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ginee’s customer service responded quickly and was very satisfying.” Skill Monky – one of Ginee’s customers.

Who Are Ginee’s Partners?

Ginee is proud of having partnered with numerous businesses and companies, containing some big corporations such as Shopee, Lazada or TikTok. Thanks to the association with many companies, the features of Ginee’s management are becoming more useful. Ginee Vietnam is expected to be more powerful in the near future.


Liên Hệ Ginee Để Được Tư Vấn Miễn Phí Giải Pháp Quản Lý Cửa Hàng Đa Kênh Cho Doanh Nghiệp Của Bạn

How Does Ginee Help Your Business?

Managing many platforms when selling online takes a lot of time and effort. If the seller and business manager does not have enough experience or does not get used to managing multi-platforms, they could experience some difficulty, which would affect their business efficiency. But Ginee can help you and here are the reasons:

Warehouse Management

Basically, warehouse management when using Ginee Vietnam for merchants who have multiple warehouses is very useful. For instance they have warehouses in two different areas – area A and area B. In Ginee, sellers or business managers can set their warehouses and choose the priority (on which warehouse will the products go out first). 

To be more clear, they have warehouses A and B and for their Shopee stores,  they want to make the products come out from warehouse A first. But when warehouse A got empty stock, it will be deducted from warehouse B. This means that with the warehouse management feature in Ginee you can also make a location in your warehouse.

Order Management

When it comes to Ginee, the users won’t be afraid of not being clear about anything on the dashboard of Ginee. The order management in Ginee clearly mentions everything related to what should be taken care of when the consumers order something for the shops of the seller or business manager.

With just one click on the “Orders” section, you can see the Pending payment, what goods are paid, ready to ship, shipping, delivered or returned. So easy to understand what is going on with the products, right?

Cost Efficiency

As mentioned above, seller or business manager often has difficulty managing their products, cash flow or information on different platforms. Consequently, some individuals would hire a separate management system to keep their business efficient, which would cause a huge amount of money to be paid when it is not really necessary.

Thanks to Ginee, the management process would not be interrupted, users of Ginee Vietnam would save a lot of money and maximize their profits.

Syncing, Copying and Duplicating Online Stores

Syncing, copying and duplicating online stores is also a special feature of Ginee. When you click “Sync” in the top right corner of the dashboard, all the information on your separate stores such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada would appear on just one platform on Ginee, which would give you a clear overview of your stocks.

Copying and duplicating stores play an important role when a seller or business manager wants to move some or all information of the products from a store to another store. It would save much time for the seller and business manager.


Cần Tư Vấn Giải Pháp Quản Lý Cửa Hàng Trên Shopee, Tiki, Lazada Chỉ Trên 1 Dashboard? Hãy Liên Hệ Ginee Ngay Hôm Nay!

Join Ginee Now to Maximize your Business Efficiency

Ginee Vietnam is an omnichannel that enables online sellers or businesses to manage their operations across different platforms at the same time. Thanks to Ginee, sellers are able to control product, price, inventory, etc. more easily.

Ginee is the key to helping your new business with your brilliant business ideas. Ginee will help you manage your products, inventory, and cash flow. Don’t hesitate to try Ginee now with the Trial version.


Ginee Omnichannel tự động thêm mới, chỉnh sửa hàng loạt và cập nhật sản phẩm mới trên các sàn TMĐT cùng một lúc giúp tiết kiệm thời gian, chi phí và nhân lực.