The biggest sale of the year, 11.11 is just around the corner. This is the perfect time for you to take  advantage of opportunities to sell and increase your record. Gadgets are now a must especially because people have no choice but to make use of them in their daily life. With function and entertainment, you definitely cannot go wrong in selling electronics for the upcoming Mega Sale.

There are many other trending products to choose from as an online seller. These top-selling products help you in making sure that you not only know how to start an online business, but that you also know how to maintain them. Below are 5 electronic products that you can sell to bump up your sales. 

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5 Most Trending Electronics to Sell on 11.11 Mega Sale

Worldwide, mobile phones are among the most extensively used gadgets, and the number of people who use them is constantly increasing. There will be 4.3 billion smartphone users by 2023, according to predictions. Because of this, accessories such as phone cases, tripods, holders and wireless chargers have become popular commodities on the market today. 

Approximately $224.69 billion in revenue was generated by the smartphone accessories industry in 2018, with projections indicating that the market will grow to $284.06 billion by 2026. You should take advantage of this influx in gadgets and start selling your own. With these, you will surely know how to prepare for the 11.11 shopping festival. 

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Phone Cases

Recent years have shown that the number of people searching for this accessory has increased significantly throughout the Christmas season. Phone cases are inexpensive and simple to make, making them one of the most popular trendy products to offer online for newcomers to the market. If you want to start making phone cases by hand, Case Escape offers a starter kit that is both affordable and effective.

Custom phone cases can also be printed through on-demand drop shipping providers such as Printify. It is prohibitively expensive to produce a single unit, which could result in decreased profit margins. Having stated that, there is no need to be concerned about fulfillment or shipment.

Create one-of-a-kind phone cover designs if you want to market your products successfully. You’ll also need some product photographs that are visually engaging. Set up a home photo studio on a tight budget and snap the photos with your smartphone to save money.


Due to the popularity of vlogging and live-streaming, many people are looking into these popular products to allow them to capture videos without having to use their hands. The popularity of TikTok has also contributed to an increase in the demand for tripods. Furthermore, the search volume for this product on Google Trends has surged dramatically as a result of the epidemic, according to the company.

Naturally, the primary target market for this product is the community of content providers. You should consider creating product demonstration movies to demonstrate how the use of a tripod can help their business.

Consider marketing to those who enjoy taking pictures with their smartphones. Tripods enable them to capture images in low light, with long exposures, or in panoramic mode. Distribute blog entries on your photography website that highlight the product’s advantages in order to increase organic traffic and conversions.

Car Phone Holders

Car phone mounts allow you to mount your phone to the dashboard of your vehicle, making it convenient and safe to view your phone screen while driving. A car phone holder from Beam Electronics, for example, has received more than 74,000 global ratings on Amazon, making it one of the best-selling products on the retailer’s online site. 

It is possible to sell this product with a large profit margin if one looks for automobile accessory providers on Alibaba, where one can get phone holders for as little as $1 per phone holder. Check to see that both the vendor and the item have favorable reviews in order to ensure that the product is of high quality.

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Wireless Charger

Wireless charging devices are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease. According to Google Trends, enquiries for the product have remained consistent, with the amount of searches often peaking in November and December — when people are looking for Christmas specials or gifts.

Selling them now would be beneficial because of the fact that they are still gaining popularity and that not every device is compatible with wireless charging. Before everyone requires a wireless charging station, you would have already established yourself as a leader in the industry.

Collaborations with tech review blogs or YouTubers to make video material about your online store will help you sell this product effectively. Initiate an affiliate marketing campaign by paying influencers a commission in exchange for persuading their audiences to make a purchase of the goods.

Bluetooth Earphones

It is predicted that the wireless headphones industry will continue to increase by 12.3 percent over the next five years, according to a report. One reason for this is that many smartphones are no longer including headphone ports in their construction. Furthermore, more and more individuals are beginning to recognize the convenience that wireless gadgets provide.

Because producing headphones might be expensive, you might want to explore being a dropshipper rather than a manufacturer. Wholesale providers can be found on websites such as SaleHoo, with whom one can communicate online.

If you have your products listed on electronics review websites such as, you can increase your product’s exposure. Make use of affiliate links to persuade readers to purchase a certain product.

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