Listing Violations in Shopee must be avoided at all costs. Shopee Philippines is very particular about their guidelines as well as what goes on in their platform. When you do not follow the guidelines they set for their products and standards that they require their sellers to follow, you will most likely get banned or your products will most likely be deleted. 

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What is Deleting or Banning Products in Shopee Philippines?

Shopee has the right to remove listings that merit as Listing Violations under their guidelines. You are obliged to respond to your suspended listings in a timely way in order to avoid the loss of possible sales and the accrual of penalty points as a result of listing non-compliance.  On the Product Violations tab, you can see if any of your listings have been suspended.

Why is Your Product Deleted or Banned in Shopee?

Your product is probably deleted when you do not follow the listing guidelines. 

Here are a few reasons why your products in Shopee might have been deleted or banned by the system app or website, read below:

  • ​​Counterfeit listings for Preferred Sellers are removed from the market.
  • Multiple LISTING ACROSS SHOPS – Creating duplicate listings of an Item using a different user account than the one that created the original listing.
  • Exclusive distribution rights are being infringed upon, as only authorized retailers are permitted to sell.
  • THE INFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS – An application for listing removal from legal due to an IP complaint
  • TROUBLE WITH JUNK/SPAM – Advertisements, Condo/house and lot for sale or rent; announcements; intangible services; listings not meant to sell stuff, for example.
  • MISLEADING DISCOUNT – Sellers raised product prices immediately before a promotion in order to overstate the discounts that were being offered to customers. Violation of our Misleading Discount Policy may result in the PERMANENT REMOVAL of your listing as well as monetary fines. 
  • PRICE SPAM – When the price of the most costly option is seven times higher than the price of the least expensive variation, add ons. For example, bubble wrap.
  • PRODUCT SWITCHING – Sellers have been altering the specifics of their previous listings (name, description, photos, and so on) in order to sell a whole different item than the one that was originally listed.
  • A PROHIBITED ITEM FOR OFFICIAL SHOPS has been removed based on the general listing restrictions.
  • ITEM THAT IS PROHIBITED (PREFERRED SELLERS) – The use of a fake or a listing is not permitted. Toys for adults include: contact lenses, combined, and contact lenses with contact lenses.
  • Items that have been previously owned Are acceptable as long as they do not constitute more than 50% of the total number of items uploaded. There will be no counterfeit merchandise. Any things that are forbidden based on the general listing guidelines H&B samples, skin-care samples, cosmetic samples are all acceptable.
  • PROHIBITED LISTING (NORMAL SELLERS) – Items that are prohibited for Normal Sellers (as opposed to Preferred Sellers) based on FAQs and listing criteria are listed below. Spreadsheet on Google Docs
  • TRADEMARK/COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT – Our internal team has taken the initiative to remove IP Infringement postings from the internet. If you want to report a listing or seller for violating trademark or copyright (for example, a photo that has been photograbbed or stolen), please fill out the form found at this link: Form for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). More information on this can be found in this article. For instance, counterfeit and photo-grabbed concerns
  • An adult item has been listed in the wrong category. Sex toys have been listed in the wrong category. Place sex toys under the following Category Path: Health & Personal Care > Sexual Wellness > Adult Toys to avoid being banned or having your listings removed from the site.
  • The brand attribute that was selected does not correspond to the product that was listed- The brand does not sell the product that was listed. The brand in question sells the product mentioned in the listing, but it is not the proper brand in question.
  • DRIVING THE TRANSACTION OUTSIDE OF THE SHOPEE – Phone numbers and emails are all acceptable kinds of contact information, as well as order forms and meet-ups.
  • The use of several brands in the product title to affect search results or the inclusion of multiple brands in the product title unnecessarily are examples of excessive brand keywords.
  • SPAM KEYWORDS IN PRODUCT TITLE (KEYWORD SPAM) – Product names contain a large number of keywords (noun but not adjective) that are not relevant to the listing itself.
  • THE EXPIRATION DATE DID NOT MEET THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT – The expiration date was incorrect; it did not meet the minimum three-month requirement.
  • IMPROPER PRICING – Incorrect pricing is applied. For example, a Php 5 bill is actually worth Php 500.
  • INACCURATE INFORMATION – Items are sold yet there are still stocks available; another form of this is the misuse of the Shopee banner, tag, or emblem, among other things. As an illustration, consider the following: Lazada Write Up; “”Sold out/Sold out,” although there are stocks available, and “Reserved for listings.”
  • COMPLETELY INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION PROVIDED IN CONFORMANCE WITH LOCAL REGULATIONS – Listings (supplements) that are not FDA registered or that do not provide an FDA registration number Traders’ accreditation permit from the National Telecommunications Commission (with NTC permit number).
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION INSUFFICIENT – The description does not meet the requirements for a minimal product description.
  • RELEVANT HASHTAGS – Hashtags that are used by sellers but are not relevant to the object being offered for sale
  • NO ACTUAL IMAGE OF THE PRODUCT – There is no image of the actual item that is being offered for sale.
  • Photo taken from other vendors – The use of pictures taken from other sellers is permitted.
  • PICTURE TAKEN FROM ANOTHER WEBSITE OR PLATFORM – Photos that have been stolen from other services.
  • Poor image quality (blurred image/broken image) is present.
  • Poor image quality for the size chart – blurred image/broken image for the size chart.
  • Improper content in the picture(s) – Non-sex toys listings that have an inappropriate image on the listing.
  • The picture(s) contains sexually explicit imagery – Sex toys listings that contain improper photos.
  • DESCRIPTION IN VULGAR TERMS – Curse/bad/sexual terms.
  • Watermarks on images, such as those associated with social networking accounts. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, competitor logos, websites, and so forth.
  • The URL of any website or social media page. Social media information and any website URLs are acceptable.
  • BAD MAIN CATEGORY – Listings that are classified under the incorrect main category.
  • WRONG SIZE CHART IMAGE – The image that was uploaded is not a size chart and is considered a garbage image.
  • Incorrect sub-category – Listings that are classified in the incorrect sub-category.
  • PIXELATED OR BLURRED IMAGE (MALL) – The photo should not be pixelated or blurred in any way.
  • DON’T PLACE THE COVER IMAGE ON A SOLID/WHITE BACKGROUND (MALL)- The cover image must be placed on a solid or white background (white preferably).
  • Duplicate or repeated images in a single listing (MALL) – The product must have at least three different images that are not the same as each other.
  • FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT (MALL) – Incorrect expiration date; failed to comply with the minimum 3-month requirement.
  • INACCURATE INFORMATION (MALL) – Placing sold signs on products that are already on the shelves. As an illustration, consider the following sentence from Lazada: “sold out/sold out.” “However, with stocks, pre-loved items might be tagged as “new” or vice versa.
  • THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH Photographs IN THE MALL – Each listing must have three or more professionally captured images.
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION THAT IS INSUFFICIENT (MALL) – Provide purchasers with technical product data such as material, weight, dimensions, electrical characteristics, and other product defining features that are not included in the product description.
  • THE IMAGE DOESN’T MATCH THE PRODUCT (MALL) – The image does not match the product described.
  • NON-EXISTING PRODUCT IMAGES (MALL) – There is no representation of the actual item being sold.
  • Photo taken from another website or platform (mall) – Photos taken from other websites or platforms (mall).
  • The product must cover at least 60% of the image frame to be considered successful (MALL) – The goods for sale must cover at least 60% of the image frame’s total surface area.
  • THE PRODUCT NAME DOES NOT MEET THE SHOPEE MALL STANDARD (MALL) – Product names must adhere to the naming conventions established by the mall.
  • DUPLICATE MAIN CATEGORY (MALL) – Mall listings that are classified under the incorrect main category.
  • Incorrect sub-category (MALL) – Mall listings that are classified under the incorrect sub-category.

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