How do social media support relationship marketing for a business? One of the most expensive and difficult tasks facing any business is acquiring new customers. Earning a potential customer’s attention, making a convincing pitch and then facilitating the accompanying sale can lead to huge expenses when every step is considered. 

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Important of Social Media in Business

Importance of social media in business? Relationship marketing is about forming long-term relationships with customers. Rather than trying to encourage a one-time sale, relationship marketing tries to foster customer loyalty by providing exemplary products and services.

Social media brings a lot of benefits to businesses that you can not imagine.

How do businesses use social media for marketing? This is different from most normal advertising practises that focus on a single transaction; watch ad A and buy product B. Relationship marketing, by contrast, is usually not linked to a single product or offer. It involves a company refining the way they do business in order to maximise the value of that relationship for the customer. 

Customer relationship marketing mainly involves the improvement of internal operations. Many customers leave a company not because they didn’t like the product, but because they were frustrated with the customer service. 

If a business streamlines its internal operations to satisfy all service needs of their customers, customers will be happier even in the face of product problems.

Technology also plays an important role in relationship marketing. The Internet has made it easier for companies to track, store, analyse and then utilise vast amounts of information about customers. Customers are offered personalised ads, special deals and expedited service as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.

Social media sites allow businesses to engage their customers in an informal and ongoing way. In the past, it would have been impossible to keep useful records about every single client, but technology makes it easy for companies to automate their marketing efforts. 

Branding is the final component of relationship marketing. A company can form a long-term relationship with a client if that client feels like the brand they purchase reflects who they are or who they want to be. Customers are less inclined to switch to a different brand if they think that switch makes a statement about their identity.

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Type of Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing examples? Many types of companies have something to gain from developing long-term relationships with their customers. Smaller businesses often serve a steady stream of regulars, and make little effort to draw in new customers. 

Imagine a small restaurant that sees a steady stream of business from the morning commute.Their daily presence is a large part of the business that restaurant does every day.

Here the type of relationship marketing:


The Swedish furniture maker has a worldwide base of intensely loyal customers. When the company changed the font in their ubiquitous catalogue, Ikea lovers took to the Internet to air their complaints. Rather than alienate their customers for a trivial reason, Ikea changed the font back in the next catalogue.

Direct Recruitment

The direct mail marketing firm sends out handwritten birthday cards to clients and associates every year. This simple, personal touch helps clients feel like Direct Recruitment cares about them as people rather than simply consumers.

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American Airlines

The airline maintains a comprehensive frequent flyer program that rewards customer loyalty with the promise of free flights, upgrades, and discounts.


Dell computers created a special online store for high volume corporate customers. By tailoring the ordering process to the specific customer’s needs, Dell was able to expedite many of the hassles corporate technology buyers face. Providing a higher level of service leads to increased loyalty.


The makers of the popular ADHD drug created an extensive online portal that included videos, forums, expert articles and mobile apps to help those who suffer from ADHD. Rather than relying on the strength of the product alone, the drug makers created a place for users to gather and interact that was linked back to the company.

How does Social Media Help Build Relationships?

Relationship marketing strategy? Relationship marketing can involve revising major aspects of the way a company conducts business. This can be expensive, time consuming, and have serious consequences for both customers and employees. The only way to carry out a relationship marketing strategy in a thoughtful and effective way is to follow a comprehensive marketing plan.

Companies must first look at demographic and historical data about their customers to understand who they are, what they buy, and how to provide for them over the long term. The company must understand why a consumer’s returns for repeat business. 

There is the tendency to think that customers return because the company has served them well, but maybe they return to a store because it is the closest to their house, or the only one in the area that stocks the product they want to buy. Analysing the nature of customer loyalty is the best method to develop a working relationship marketing plan.

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3 Relationship Marketing Examples and Strategy

Importance of social media in business communication? Marketing your company and generating new customers is only one piece of the overarching business puzzle. Another piece of that puzzle is to continue nurturing those people so you can build customer relationships that last.

Social media has changed the way businesses and customers interact with each other, and it’s important that social media is seen as an avenue for real-time communication and feedback. Here types of relationship marketing:

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Create a Customer Service Social Media Channel

First, you could take a page out of Sprout Social’s book and create a Twitter account specifically for handling customer service requests as well as communicating product support issues and resolutions. 

Additionally, you could add an option to your Facebook Messenger chatbot that allows customers to input customer service requests or direct people to a support page on your website.

Ensure that all response times are quick and helpful to build a good reputation for your brand.

Use Social Listening

Social listening is the act of monitoring certain topics and keywords online to ensure you find important mentions of your brand or related topics.

Sprout’s social listening tool collects and centralises what people are saying about your brand, industry and related topics around your brand. With this information, you can modify and improve your campaigns and messages. Make more informed decisions to help your customers solve their problems and provide valuable answers to questions.

Personalise Customer Experiences

Another great way to build customer relationships is through personalization. Consider adding a live chat widget onto your website for support and customer questions. Your audience will be able to speak to a real person who calls them by their name and provides a real experience.

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Importance of relationship marketing? Relationship marketing is one of the most consequential forms of marketing there is. Rather than focusing on a specific ad or single campaign, relationship marketing affects every aspect of a company’s business practises.