This feature is only available for merchants who activate Master Product

For the definition of Master Product & Stock Status, please refer to: What is SKU, Master Product and Stock Status? (Ginee upgrade)

What is the Relationship between Product Master and Stock Management?

  1. In Master Product list, Ginee supports batch or automatic binding of channel products (note: in order to solve the channel API restriction, Master SKU will be directly bound to channel variant, not the platform SKU)


Each channel variant can only be bound to 1 main SKU in the same time.

  1. For Channel Products that are bound to the Master SKU and the Master SKU stock status is “Open”, then the available Master SKU stock will be distributed to the channel products that are bound,.
  2. Untuk Produk Channel yang terikat ke Master SKU dan status stok Master SKUnya “Buka”, maka stok Master SKU yang tersedia akan dibagikan ke produk channel yang terikat, and the amount of increase/decrease in stock will be synchronized. Stock Status “Open”: Stock sync enabled (push store stock + reduce Master SKU stock if an order comes in). This status requires 3 conditions : 1) Added to warehouse + inbound, 2) Stock monitoring & synchronization has been enabled, 3) Bind to channel products.

Stock management maintain stock information by Master SKU

  1. After the Master SKU single/combination is added to the warehouse, the Master SKU will be displayed in the stock list..
  • When adding the combined Master SKU to the warehouse, you need to add all the bundled Master SKUs to the same warehouse first
  • Note that after the combined Master SKU is added to the warehouse, it will also be displayed in the stock list.
  1. Pada [Stok Management-Daftar Stok], Master SKU yang telah ditambahkan ke gudang hanya akan ditampilkan sesuai dengan gudang yang dipilih.
  • In [Stock Management-Stock List], Master SKUs that have been added to the warehouse will only be displayed according to the selected warehouse.

When you create Master Product, the Master Product stock status will automatically be “Closed” by default, and you need to add products to warehouse and inbound, then enable “Stock monitoring and synchronization settings”, so the stock status of the Master SKU will be “Open” .