Product and Shopee buyer rating are reflections of how satisfied buyers are with their purchases and shopping experience. To potential buyers, product and shop ratings provide important information to see if a product is probably going to fulfil their expectations and whether the shop may be a trustworthy one.

Buyers depend upon ratings and qualitative feedback to create informed decisions on their purchases. In this article you will learn how to delete seller rating in Shopee, buy Shopee review Malaysia, and answer cannot edit Shopee rating.

What is Product Rating?

Shopee buyer rating sample may be a collection of buyers’ ratings and reviews on a product after an order is completed.

Buyers are prompted to rate every product they received within 15 days of order completion, and are allowed to edit their rating once within 30 days from the day they first rated.

Product rating can range from a scale of 1 to five stars, with 5 being the most effective. Buyers are encouraged to incorporate an outline (at least 50 characters) and photos (at least 1 photo) of their product in their review to earn more Shopee Coins. Buyers can view these ratings after they browse search results or the merchandise page.

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What is a Shop Rating?

A shop rating is a mean of all product ratings within the shop. It helps potential buyers gauge if the shop is trustworthy.

How Can I Improve my Product and Shop Ratings?

How to change the rating in Shopee Malaysia? With people now always connected, and able to check their mobile devices at any time, they’re ready to research your business and products at any stage, informing their decision on whether or not to make a sale.

And consumers now have more options than ever to share their thoughts that they’ll post on Facebook, Twitter, they’ll submit reviews on Yelp or on Google directly. All of those responses are digitally recorded, and might be shown to future potential customers once they search around.

Overwhelmingly bad ratings will send potential shoppers to your competition, while as noted, having only some ratings can cause you to seem too “green” or inexperienced by comparison to your competition.

This is why you would like reviews, and a process in situ to elicit feedback. So how are you able to increase your number of online reviews, and generate better ones to boot?

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Conduct a Customer Experience Audit

Customer experience has become increasingly important in recent years. Services like Amazon, as an example, have built streamlined, effective recommendation and purchase processes which include personalization, fast deliveries, and a general easy use that produces people who come to them time and time again.

One of the most important things that a lot of the largest companies within the world have in common is great customer experience. In many instances, it won’t even matter if you sell an incredible product if it takes potential customers too long to work out your website and place an order, they’ll go elsewhere, which won’t only be a lost sale, but also a foul review.

In the same vein, if you send customers your product days late, or it comes at a unique (and bad) time than initially scheduled, you’ll almost surely get a lower rating. Whether you simply sell online, otherwise you have a brick-and-mortar store, you must prioritise the customer experience, every time.

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Invest in your Services to Improve the Customer Experience

It’s worth also considering that, on social platforms specifically, people tend to share the more extreme experiences both amazing experiences and downright annoying ones.

They’ll complain or praise you in posts, they’ll tell their friends and family, and after all, they’ll leave reviews on Google, on your website, and on different review platforms.

Given this, it’s worth considering how you’ll make your customer experience stand out, and investing in such improvements where possible.

Doing so will effectively encourage sharing and discussion. Maintaining your core standards of service is vital, but delivering experiences geared towards sharing may also be hugely beneficial.

Improve your Delivery System

Delivery time, and other extra options, also can make a large difference to your customer experience, and your overall ratings.

And really, everyone’s now competing with Amazon on this front. Amazon has revolutionised delivery systems time and time again, and can still do so (with options just like the ultrafast Prime Air delivery).

Advanced delivery systems like Bring can enable you to compete with Amazon, because it’s not nearly speed, but also about having the ability to choose a preferred time of delivery, and to trace your delivery easily, among others.

You likely cannot be nearly as good as Amazon on this front, but it’s another key part of the customer experience to stay in mind.

Improve your Customer Service Options

Yet another hugely important aspect of the customer experience is the customer service you offer. i’d go up to now to say that incredible customer service can even change customers’ perception of your business completely and it definitely encompasses a huge impact on your ratings.

For example, I recently tried a product for the primary time that I assumed was great. And yet, I returned it after some days because I had a problem with it, and that I lost so much time trying to urge a solution via customer service that I just didn’t want to pander to them from now on. Really, the merchandise did not matter at that time.

Checking my Ratings and Reviews

How to check buyer rating on Shopee? You can check your ratings and reviews on the Shop Rating page. Use the filters to appear for a particular product.

How should I Respond to a Buyer’s Review?

Shopee allows you to retort to reviews anytime. But do note that you simply can only submit a response once and you cannot edit it. You’ll reply to reviews on the Shop Rating page.

How do I Report an Abusive Review?

At Shopee, we try to confirm a secure community for both buyers and sellers. At the same time as we expect all sellers to supply a perfect shopping experience, this does not mean that we condone unreasonable buyers.

Will my Product and Shop Ratings be Affected by Logistics Issues?

Effective 20 August 2020, Shopee has improved the merchandise classification system to actually reflect a seller’s performance by separating seller’s performance rating from logistics service provider’s performance rating.

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Show buyers you care by responding to reviews. Express appreciation to the positive ones and follow up with the negative ones in an exceedingly friendly manner.

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