Ginee allows you to process delivery for orders came from Shopee/Bukalapak/Tokopedia/Lazada

  1. Delivery for Unit Order
    You can select unit product in the order list or on the order detail page and process delivery
  2. Delivery for Order in Bulk
    You can select some orders at the same time in the order list or on the order detail page and process the delivery in bulk.
  3. Special Delivery Operation
    Choose a delivery method: Pick Up, where the package is picked up on the spot by a courier or Drop Off, which means taking the package to the Shipping Service office. If you choose the Pick-Up method, please select your address information and pick up time, so that the courier can come to your place. If you select Drop Off, in accordance with Shopee’s rules, be sure to make the delivery as soon as possible;


Due to the place difference between unprocessed and processed orders in the Shopee system, Unprocessed order at Ginee are classified as paid orders (Paid Off). Here you can set the delivery schedule or cancel the order. Whereas orders that have been processed on Shopee are classified as pending orders, you can view shipping information, cancel orders, or process requests to cancel these orders.