1)The payment reminder policy means that Ginee Chat automatically identifies customers who have not paid for their orders and reminds customers to pay, which is conducive to improving the conversion rate of store order payment.
2)If you want to set the order reminder policy, you can go to Reminder Assistance page, select the “Payment Reminder” tab, and click the “Add policy” button to set the payment reminder. Each order reminder policy allows to set up to four payment reminder contents.

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After setting the payment reminder policy, click the “Integration” button to complete the policy setting.
Note: The default generated policy status will be “Disabled”, you need to complete the associated store before clicking Enable~
In addition, Ginee Chat also provides some default policies for merchants. Merchants can choose to enable these default policies after “Integration” and use them directly.

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3) At present, each site supports setting up to 50 reminder policies.
Policies support setting different valid periods, and the same store cannot associate policies with overlapping valid periods.