Owning a business is an alternative way to earn money other than being an employee. However, in terms of startup, you’ll have to handle many things such as how to find business ideas, how to come up with a business model and how to describe a small business you want to open. 

No matter how difficult it is to run a business, it’s always the best time to start a small business with brilliant business ideas. What are the reasons to own a business and how to search for business idea? Here is the answer:


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5 Best Reasons to Own a Business

Although start a new business could face the risk of being shut down, especially in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, you should still run your own business for 5 reasons below:

Enjoying the Flexibility and Independence

Bentley University indicates that 77% of generation Y expect to have flexible working hours to make them feel comfortable with working environments. Flexibility in startups helps entrepreneurs have more leisure time to take care of their families.

Moreover, entrepreneurs can do whatever they want, they don’t have to depend on other people, which allows them to gain more independence related to finance, management, rules, etc.

Developing Yourself 

Getting an idea of running a business means developing yourself. Compared to working in the office with a certain amount of work, you have to be in charge of every aspect when you own a business such as thinking of business product ideas, human resources, finance. As a result, you can develop yourself to be more skillful and professional in the future.

Following Your Passion

“I want to run my own business and set up my own business ideas because of my passion”, this is the most popular answer of many people who decided to launch new businesses. It can be seen that when they create their business product ideas with passion, they would do it enthusiastically even though they just own small business ideas.  

Motivating Yourself

As mentioned above, when you do something passionately, you would try to complete it enthusiastically. When you are a business owner, you would motivate yourself to work everyday because this is what you like and you’ll be rewarded what you deserve to achieve. Every day of your work would be much more productive compared to being an employee.

Controlling Everything

When we are working for someone else, we can’t know thoroughly what is happening with other departments and the company in general. However, when we begin a new business with brilliant business ideas, we are more confident and ready to operate and control the business because we are aware of what we do and our employees do.

In other words, since you are your own boss of your business, you are able to keep everything under control.


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How to find a business idea?

Finding Your Interest

First of all, you have to know which industries, areas, business product ideas you are interested in. This would make you have a clear view to search for business idea wisely. To begin, list all aspects that you are passionate about, consider everything to see if you can do it or if the ideas are suitable to you.

Finding what you like is very essential. If you skip finding it, you may go the wrong way to get an idea of your own business and how to come up with a business model.

Considering Current Situation

Your ideas can be creative and unique, but if it is not practical, your ideas couldn’t be used. Consider the current situation to decide if you can continue with any idea. It’s not so difficult to do this, you can survey the market you focus on, and launch some analysis such as SWOT or PESTEL.

When considering the current situation completes, you could find out what is the idea that should be used at that moment because it’s useful for the customer’s needs.

Brainstorming Many Ideas

Prepare a mind map or take note of every idea that could be possible to be launched. This part is very important because it makes you see the overview of your work, and makes you realize how your brilliant business idea might work. Moreover, brainstorming using a mind map or note would prevent you from forgetting your ideas, which could be suitable to the current situation.

You should prepare this part carefully because if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Asking for Consultants

When you find yourself stuck with all the ideas you list, you can find someone who has more experience in coming up with business product ideas to ask them for consultants. This is a good way to learn from other people and broaden your knowledge as well. You can have some valuable advice from this person and be ready to launch brilliant business ideas.

Innovating Previous Ideas

Some old business ideas that were applied before could still be used in another context if we can innovate them. Don’t throw away all your previous ideas because one day you might need it again to launch your business.


According to the Guardian, taking time to stop and looking after our minds are also a significant part of the searching for a business idea process. Guardian indicates that sometimes we can feel stressed when thinking too much, just take time to clear your mind.

Overall, finding a business idea is very challenging but it’s worth our efforts. Don’t hesitate to try launching simple businesses such as selling online. You will feel that you can do more than you think!


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