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Our integrated OMS, WMS, & CHAT solutions are the cornerstone of modern retail success

Product Management

Manage products from various marketplaces at the same time

Order Management

Manage all orders from all marketplaces in just one platform

Stock Management

Synchronize your stocks from all stores automatically

Promotion Management

Manage every form of promotion on your store and marketplace

Customer Management

Gather your consumer insights and utilize them in your marketing plan

Role & Staff Management

Assign roles for various employees, including different access features

Data Reporting

Swiftly analyze all data of your stores across all marketplaces

Open API Services

Simply connect your own system with Ginee to access integration with multiple marketplaces

Product Management

Manage thousands of product SKUs and their various attributes easily, quickly and precisely with the barcode system

Inbound & Outbound Management

Easily monitor, track and record your products' in-and-out activities from the warehouse

Warehouse Management

Manage one or many warehouses at once in just one platform in an organized way

Stock Management

Manage and monitor your stock in the warehouse that is integrated with the marketplace automatically

Outbound Statistic Report

Show statistical analysis of processed products, stocks and orders

Consignor Management

Add, edit, and manage all of your consignor with just several clicks

PDA System

Efficient workflow guarantee, powered by cutting-edge PDA system

Wave Management

Flexibility of processing certain group of orders to be prioritized

Auto Reply

AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered auto chat responses, online 24 hours a day

Quick Reply

Improve the efficiency of customer service responses with customizable templates

Admin Performance Report

Easily monitor your customer service performance

Instant Translation

Translate customer chats from various languages in just one click

Role & Staff Management

Assign different roles for different employees, with different access.

Multi-Channel Platform

One system that integrates customer messages from all channels, including social media

Multi-Store Order

Send and receives 1000+ shop messages seamlessly

Available in various versions

Supports Windows, Mac and Lite versions of websites

Ginee Synergized Systems Achieve Efficiency the Most Complete Integration!