Shopee flash deal is a promotional event that offers many attractive deals which are exclusively available for a limited time period. Are you curious how to sell flash deals in Shopee? In this article, we will describe how to participate in the Shopee flash deal campaigns. Are you ready?

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What Is Shopee Flash Deal Mean?

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Do you know what is Shopee flash deal? Shopee flash deal is a promotional event that offers many attractive deals which are exclusively available for a limited time period. Another flash deals meaning is an exclusive feature on the seller centre that allow seller to nominate their products to join the upcoming campaigns.

Flash deals are one of Shopee’s most popular features that can help sellers to get more views, clicks and orders. Sellers will also get a higher chance for their product getting sold out. Beside that, flash deals also help to increase the exposure of the seller’s products due to the more visits to your shop.

For your information, flash deals are different from My Shop’s Flash Deals. Shopee flash deal is the official flash sale event hosted by Shopee. You can find this Shopee flash deal on 11.11 or 12.12. While My Shop’s Flash Deals refers to flash sale events that are hosted within your shop only.

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How To Join Shopee Flash Deals As Seller?

How to join the Shopee flash deal? Before you can join and participate in the Shopee flash deal campaign, your shop has to be qualified and fulfill all the requirements. Not all shop can join this flash deal, only the one who fulfill all the campaign’s requirements can join Shopee flash sale 2021. Here are the requirements you have to fulfill. 

Qualify For Shopee Flash Deal Campaigns 

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Shopee curated only the highest quality of products to join in a Shopee flash deal campaigns. Only selected sellers are given access to nominate their products for joining the Shopee flash deal. If you get the access, you will see a list of upcoming campaigns on your Shopee flash deal page. To join this Shopee flash sale campaign, you need to keep your seller penalty points at 0 and maintain good account health Shopee.

Understand The Shopee Flash Deal Campaign Requirements

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The second things you need to do is understand the campaign’s requirements such as:

  • Campaign Start and End Time – Shopee flash deal time slots is limited. That’s why you need the period of time the campaign is hosted exactly. 
  • Applicable Categories – Check if your products fall within the categories stated, as some campaigns may be limited to certain product categories.
  • Product variations (if any) – if you have different variations of your products, you can set different Shopee flash sale bot for each variety of your products.
  • Campaign Details – Get an overview of the Shopee Flash Deal campaign.
  • Accepted Discount Range – Set your discounts within this range. Give your best price to increase your chances of getting selected.
  • Minimum Stock – Ensure you have this amount of stock for each product (at the SKU level) that you nominate.
  • Maximum DTS – Ensure that your Days to Ship (DTS) for the nominated products are less than the Maximum DTS.

For your additional information, you can change your product Days To Ship (DTS) to meet the DTS requirements for the campaign, as long as you can fulfil on time. Once the product is approved, you are not able to edit the DTS until Shopee 10 cents flash deal is over.

Nominating Products To Join The Shopee Flash Deal Campaigns

F:articleNew folder(1)gambarimages (7)(1).jpeg To join this campaign, your products have to be approved by Shopee. You can use the Shopee flash deal tool in the marketing center or seller center to help you nominate your products. You are allowed to nominate up to 20 products for each Shopee flash deal campaign. You can also nominate the same products for different campaigns but make sure they are not in the same time slot.

How To Do Flash Deals In Shopee?

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Due to its prime position and popularity, products featured in Flash Deals are carefully curated by Shopee to maintain the highest quality in product assortment. As such, only selected sellers are given access to nominate their products for Flash Deals. 

How to post and join Shopee flash deal campaigns? Here are the steps you need to take to follow the campaign 

  • Upload a campaign image of each product that you are nominating to join the campaign by using the Shopee flash deal tool in the marketing center or seller center. Don’t forget to use the higher quality images. Your product’s image has to be a PNG image of less than 300 KB with a clean white background.
  • Set your product campaign name with short and concise so that it can be seen in mobile phone screens too.
  • Set the purchase limit of each product to know the maximum quantity that each buyer can buy. If you don’t want to set a limit, you need to match the number to your campaign stock. Campaign stock is the amount of stock allocated for the Shopee flash deal campaign.
  • After you are done, you can submit your products’ nomination. After submitting, you can still edit or delete the products before the end of the nomination period. You can see the time left in the timeline bar. 
  • Check your Shopee nomination status. If your products are approved, you’ll see the status of approval on the Shopee Flash Deal campaign page. If your product is rejected, hover over the question mark icon to view the reason.
  • Monitor the ongoing Shopee flash deal campaigns. Once the nomination is approved, you are not able to edit it again. You can monitor your participation under the Ongoing tab.

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Flash deals are one of Shopee’s most popular features that can help sellers to get more views, clicks and orders. Not all shops can join this flash deal, only the one who fulfills all the campaign’s requirements can join Shopee flash sale.

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