Maintaining the performance of a website is never an easy task. There’s Google’s search algorithm, which is always evolving. Another issue is that there are other websites that divert potential visitors away from your platform. How can you make a significant difference in the performance of your website? The solution is straightforward. 

You must make decisions based on information that is relevant and precise. And acquiring information about your competition is an important part of that. If you want to analyze the performance of your competitor’s website, you must utilize reputable website traffic analyzer tools.

There are various advantages to keeping track of your site’s statistics and comparing them to those of similar portals. There are numerous wonderful solutions available for tracking the statistics of your website. Google Analytics, for example, can be used to track website traffic and make recommendations. Obtaining information about your competitors, on the other hand, is a little more difficult.

Do you want to learn how to evaluate the overall performance of a website? Then you’ve arrived at the correct location! You’ll learn how to obtain the most reliable statistics about your competitors’ websites or YouTube channels in the section below. In addition, this will inform you about the most beneficial website traffic checker programs that are now accessible on the market!

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How Can I See the Traffic of a Website?

As you’ll soon discover, there are a plethora of tools available for monitoring website traffic. However, how can you be certain that the findings you’re viewing are accurate and precise? You should be aware that it is possible to obtain inaccurate information about the site’s actual performance. Many website checkers, according to data, dramatically overstate traffic for more than 90 percent of the sites they inspect.

We do, however, have some exciting news for you! We are well-versed in determining how much traffic a particular website receives. Interested in learning how to properly evaluate the effectiveness of your portal? Then apply these straightforward yet effective tips.

  • Please keep in mind who sees your site more frequently than everyone else. We’re talking about you, by the way. Yes, you are most likely the most enthusiastic supporter of your portal. As a result, don’t forget to exclude your own visits from the traffic statistics while analyzing them.
  • Determine who your competitors are. Before you begin comparing statistics, you should choose approximately five of your key competitors to compare. a. If you’re having trouble, tools like Serpstat can notify you about websites that have keywords and audiences that are similar to your portal’s audience.
  • Look at the “Advertising” section of the website. Have you ever considered looking at the advertising page? You really should! It’s an excellent tool for monitoring website traffic and conversion rates.
  • Is it possible to analyze a competitor’s YouTube videos? It’s not an issue! Despite the fact that YouTube’s built-in analytics tool could only be used to evaluate your own videos? Third-party services allow you to snoop on vloggers without their knowledge. Would you like to know more about them? Then please bear with us.
  • Checkers for search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. It is critical to understand which keywords provide the most traffic to your website and that of your competitors. As a result, website analyzers that provide insight into search engine optimization should be used.
  • There is no single way that is completely correct. Do you already have a preferred tool for performing statistical analysis on data? You should not, however, limit yourself to using only one service to monitor website traffic (Google Analytics seems to be the favorite for testing your own sites). Compare and double-check reports using as many tools as possible to ensure that they are accurate. You might be surprised by the difference in outcomes.

Website traffic estimators can provide you with a plethora of useful information. Make advantage of all of this information to learn how people find their way to your website and what keeps them on your site. Compare this information with the statistics of your competitor’s website to gain a better picture of what has to be improved on your portal.

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What are the Tools to Check Website Organic Traffic?

Here are 20+ options to choose from:


Ahrefs is without a doubt one of the most popular website traffic analyzers available right now. Additionally, it is an excellent tool for opening this list. What distinguishes it from other data analyzers? For starters, it is extremely accurate and provides statistics that are updated on a regular basis. The company’s keyword databases have more than 45 million entries, making it an excellent choice for improving SEO ranks.

Ahrefs will provide you with a plethora of useful information for a nominal fee. It includes indicators such as the most frequently targeted pages, search engine rankings, the most popular keywords, and numerous other factors.

Additionally, it is meant to acquire information about your competitors in a simple and straightforward manner. Do you want to know what makes other websites popular and what you can do to make your own website more successful? Try it out for a week to determine if it is beneficial to you personally.

Startpack’s Quantcast 

Quantcast is a website traffic analyzer that is exceptionally accurate. There is only one little disappointment. Before it can provide you with any statistics, you must first register with the system. Because of this, if you wish to spy on your competitors, you should be aware that there is a good probability they aren’t in the Quantcasts ecosystem at this time.

The strong demographics analysis provided by this service distinguishes it from other similar solutions. As you can see in the illustration above, you will learn a great deal about your visitors. It contains information about the reader’s shopping preferences, educational level, and income.


According to a variety of tests, SimilarWeb is one of the most accurate web analyzers on the market. It’s a terrific free application that also comes with a commercial version if you want to upgrade. SimilarWeb collects information about the amount of visitors to your site and ranks the countries from which they are accessing your site, among other things.

The traffic sources are another important tool that you may make use of to your advantage. It enables you to monitor how users arrive at your site, whether they came through email marketing, social media, or search engine optimization. This might assist you in improving your search engine optimization or online advertising in order to attract more traffic.

When you upgrade to the premium edition of SimilarWeb, you will have access to a variety of tools for comparing your portal to competitors’ sites.


For larger portals, this is an excellent website traffic estimate. SEMrush and SimilarWeb are very comparable in functionality (pardon the pun). Using the free version, you can view the number of visitors to your site and their Bounce Rate, as well as the average user’s visit duration and the number of pages they visit while on your site.

What’s more fascinating is the SEMrush Full Report tool, which is both expensive and useful. In-depth analysis is provided, as are other metrics, such as the keywords that generate the most clicks to your website, among other things.


In order to determine how much money a website earns from adverts, SiteWorthTraffic is an excellent resource. It also retrieves some useful information regarding traffic patterns.

We didn’t forget to add that it is entirely free. Furthermore, SiteWorthTraffic does not even require you to create an account. If you’re anything like us, you’ve become tired of website traffic checker programs that entice you to sign up for their services. As a result, this supplier can be a breath of fresh air for many people.


Alexa gives crucial information on the traffic to any website. Unfortunately, the most interesting content is hidden behind a paywall. However, you do not have to completely abandon this website analyzer just yet. Even the free functionality is sufficient to aid in the optimization of your portal.

The information in Alexa’s thorough report contains information on referrals and traffic sources as well as audience geography and keywords that are bringing in new users. You will be delighted by the Audience Overlap if you are looking to obtain information about your competition. Using this function, you can see which websites have similar keywords and traffic to your platform. Perhaps it will open your eyes to the reality of who your competition is.

SE Positioning

If you’re familiar with SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SemRush, you won’t be surprised by your SE Ranking. It evaluates organic traffic, on-page keyword optimization for major search engines, as well as website rankings by country, region, and even city. It is free to use.

This service also provides you with the ability to acquire the information described above about your competitors. With a 14-day trial, you can get a feel for the SE Rankings functionality completely free.

Website IQ

Website Intelligence Since 2011, it has grown to become an extremely popular service that examines online portals. You may use it to find out how much traffic a website receives. It’s a very useful tool. In addition to a straightforward and user-intuitive interface, this program provides comprehensive data for larger locations.

Website IQ has a set of extremely handy comparison and monitoring tools that allow you to compare and contrast different websites. Its free application provides daily, weekly, and monthly charts for up to a year, and it may be used to track your progress. Is it not enough? Then you can upgrade to a Business or Pro subscription plan, which will provide you access to a more comprehensive view as well as more complex capabilities.


VisitorsDetective, as its name implies, is a tool that can assist you in gathering information about any website. Interested in seeing how many visitors your competitors receive? Simply enter the domain name of the site in the search box, and you will receive information about incoming traffic based on the country.

VisitorsDetective is a website traffic monitor that is both simple to use and surprisingly accurate. What’s more, the best thing is.. It is absolutely costless.


Another free service that performs in-depth website analysis is available. Serpstat gives a detailed analysis of every website that is accessed using Google’s or Yandex search engines. The latter factor contributes to the popularity of this tool among Russian portals.

Serpstat, among other things, allows you to see who your key competitors are based on organic search results. Do you want to know how you compare to their respective websites? There are tools to check domain traffic, evaluate and compare the most popular organic keywords, as well as cost per click and volume, as well as the most frequented pages on each website.

Although you will have to pay to access more advanced services such as backlink analysis and a comprehensive website audit, the service is still worth it.

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Traffic Estimate

‘Traffic Estimate’ is a straightforward website traffic estimate that gathers the most basic information about any website. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about it, other from the fact that it’s completely free and only takes a few seconds to perform a comprehensive study.

The report produced by Traffic Estimate includes statistics on unique visits, hosting, search engine optimization, and targeted keywords. Aside from that, you’ll gain insight into the websites that are fighting for the same keywords as yours.

The statistics we obtained from Traffic Estimate were notably different from those obtained from other famous website analyzers. It begs the question of how accurate it is in the first instance. While not the most comprehensive resource, it can be useful when comparing data obtained from another site inspection tool.


StatShow is a free tool for estimating website traffic that can be used to check for errors. It may gather information about any competitor’s portals, which can be used to assist you enhance your own operations.

When you enter the name of a website, StatShow will create a complete report for you. It comprises site rankings (as determined by the Alexa tool), backlinks, search engine indexing, and numerous other information about site owners. Aside from that, you’ll be assigned an Internet reputation score depending on the platform’s trustworthiness, reliability, and privacy.


QuickSprout is a fantastic search engine optimization tool for bloggers and company owners. This service produces a simple analysis table that can be readily dissected. It includes information about your competitor’s traffic and SEO ranking, as well as a list of the most popular search phrases. 

It is not merely a collection of dry numbers. QuickSprout also provides you with advice on how to make your website more effective. In order to reach a larger audience, this tool will provide you with straightforward and simple-to-follow advice. To top it off, all of these features are completely free!

Keyword Competitor

Do you want to have a leg up on your competitors? Read on. Keyword Competitor is a powerful website analyzer that demonstrates how you may gain an advantage over your competitors in search engine optimization.

Keyword Competitor assists you in learning about the most popular paid and organic keywords, as well as checking the statistics of their advertisements.


In the case of amateur bloggers, KWFinder is an excellent website traffic analyzer. It boasts one of the most user-intuitive interfaces available on the market, as well as a number of keyword research capabilities to choose from.

With KWFinder, you’ll be able to gain a clear image of your competitor’s top SEO tactics, which you can then include into your own portal.


With more than 1 million portals in its database, Clicky’s Real-Time Web Analytics is a reliable tool for tracking the traffic to any website. It delivers a full report for each and every important statistic. As a side benefit, Clicky can quickly detect and reject bots from its calculations, providing an accurate estimation of actual traffic.

It should be noted that some statistics are derived from Google Analytics. However, it comes with a slew of additional features. Visitor information included in Clicky’s report contains information about the web browsers they are using, their usernames, how often they return, and other vital information not included in Google’s website analyzer.


SpyFu is the greatest tool for researching SEO and AdWords campaigns. It’s a great technique to uncover the characteristics that motivate your competitors to succeed in their endeavors.

This website traffic analyzer enables you to examine and monitor the PPC performance of up to three competitors at the same time using one interface. With SpyFu, you’ll be able to tell which keywords are worth investing in and which ones should be avoided. As a result, your digital advertising will be more effective, and you will produce more sales.


A completely free and dependable alternative to Alexa’s well-known website traffic estimate, Alexa Web Analytics. Rank2Traffic makes use of an innovative algorithm based on the Alexa ranking system to deliver extensive insights into visitors’ activities and habits.

This online tool is most effective when used as a supplement. We recommend that you compare the results obtained from Rank2Traffic with those obtained from other websites. You will be able to obtain more accurate estimates of your competitor’s data in this manner.


Were you under the impression that we had forgotten about vloggers? Following up on our previous pledge, we’ll discuss methods for studying the YouTube channels of other individuals.

InflueNex is one of the most widely used tools for getting information about influential people. You can locate larger channels that have content that is comparable to yours by using various filters (there are over 10 categories to choose from).

In order to give information on other YouTubers’ viewers, subscriber growth tendency, engagement ranks, and expected ad revenue, this tool investigates them and their videos. However, this is only a portion of the information that InfluNex may provide. If you want to learn more, you can take advantage of a free trial.

Social Blade

Social Blade is an excellent all-in-one analytics service that can be used for a variety of media platforms. It is compatible with the following social media platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram.

Content creators on YouTube will benefit the most from using this technology. Social Blade gives you access to popular vloggers’ channels and allows you to learn more about them. Be prepared to wade through a large amount of valuable information contained inside this document. Furthermore, it provides a free trial period.

Why Should You Check Website Traffic?

You can quickly determine how well your website is performing by looking at its website statistics. Your website traffic data will show you where your visitors are coming from, how they are interacting with your site, and which digital marketing methods are working for your business.

If you want to increase the number of email subscribers on your list, increase the number of sales on your online store, or simply increase the amount of visitors to your website, you must monitor your website analytics on a regular basis.

By measuring the traffic to your website, you will be able to determine where your site currently stands and what you can do to enhance it.

Why Should You Check Your Competitor’s Website Traffic?

Analyzing the internet traffic data of your competitor’s website can offer a wealth of useful information, such as:

  • The sites and articles that are driving the most traffic to your competitors.
  • What keywords your competitors are ranking for and which channels are bringing them the most traffic are all things to consider.
  • All of this information may be used to better your content marketing strategy, link building efforts, keyword research process, and other aspects of your business operations.

Understanding the keywords and themes that drive the most traffic to your competitors’ websites will enable you to target those same keywords and topics to produce more traffic for your own website.

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