Ginee POS Store Creation

1. Integration > Add Integration > Select Ginee POS

2. Input the store information (1) > click Create Shop (2)
Store Name (Does not allow duplicated Store Name)
Country/Region (After selecting a country, products and orders will only support the currency of that country. Once the store is created, the country cannot be changed)
Currency (Does not support selection. After selecting a country, the currency corresponding to the country will be automatically inputted)
Store Address (Up to 150 characters)
Phone Number: Store phone number
Warehouse: Warehouse that will be bound to the POS Store (Does not support binding WMS warehouse or third-party warehouse)

3. After successfully creating POS store, please click Add Company Information or access Ginee Accounts > Company Information (

After clicking, Ginee Accounts page will be opened. Please fill in the Company Information (The Company Information will be displayed when printing POS Stores receipts)
Company/Merchant Name (Required)
Company/Merchant Legal Address (Required for PH, optional for other countries. Support up to 100 characters)
Company/Merchant TIN (Up to 100 characters)
Company Phone Number
Company Email
Representative Name (PIC / Sales / Cashier / Finance) (Up to 50 characters)
Company Size
Business License


– After creation, you can use the POS Store to create and manage POS orders. After placing a POS order, the stock from the bound warehouse will be deducted
– Support up to 500 POS Store
– One warehouse can be bound to more than 1 POS Store
– Support deleting POS Store

Ginee POS Store Settings

Settings > POS Settings

Edit POS Store Information

Store Name
Warehouse (Replacing warehouse will replace the products and stock of the POS store with products and stock from the new warehouse)
Phone Number
Tax (Default: Disabled)
Notes: PH only has VAT Included for the Tax Collection Preference

Tax Collection Preference
a. Product Tax Included (PH: VAT Included): Tax is already included in the Product Subtotal
b. Add Tax to Price: Tax will be added to the Product Subtotal
– If Add Tax to Price is selected, Tax-Discount Preference will be displayed
b.1. Tax Before Discount: Tax is already included in the Product Subtotal (whether there is a discount or a deduction for the entire order, the tax is calculated based on the original price of the product)
b.2. Tax After Discount: Tax will be calculated after Discount

To download the full guideline, please click Ginee POS Full Guideline