Your order in Ginee could have these status:

1) All – All incoming orders from all your store that have a connection with Ginee, no matter what is the status of that order

2) Waiting for Payment – All new orders from unpaid customer

3) Paid off – All new order that already paid off and needs to process and deliver it

4) Ready to Deliver – Packed and confirmed orders for delivery

5) In Delivery – All orders in the delivery process (For Shopify, arrived order will remain in the tab being delivered, this follows the conditions applicable in Marketplace)

6) Arrived – Order already successfully delivered and received by your customers.

7) Cancelled – You or your customer cancel the order. (For Shopify, orders that received a partial refund will be in the last tab before the partial refund finished ) 

8) Returned – order returned by your customer. (For Shopify, orders that have a partial refund will be in the last tab before a partial refund finished) 

9) Fail – The delivery fail. (for example, the order have trouble (Broken/Lost) during delivery process by the logistic)