The Unsold or Low Sales statistics table is the Unsold product statistics based on the Unsold product conditions defined by you.

You can set and define your own sales conditions including unsold product conditions, view unsold products in your channel store, and optimize relevant product information or formulate a marketing plan based on statistical tables to remedy the Unsold conditions more quickly.

Data Ranges: active in-store products that have been integrated includes in the Unsold or Low Sales categories

Unsold Product / Low Sales Conditions: within the given period, the quantity of product sales in the effective order is less than X, and this information helps you to adjust sales according to your needs.

Table Description:

Product Name: The name of the product, counts only the active Products that meet the conditions selected

Variant: Variant Name

SKU: SKU information that matches the variant, leave blank if there is no variant

Last Sale: The time the last order was created

Total Orders: The total number of orders in the time period categorized as low sales / unsold sales, counting all order statuses

Buyers: The total number of buyers on all orders during the timeframe included as low / unsold sales, and the number of buyers calculated per mobile phone number

Total Sold: The total number of items sold in valid orders (the number of days in your setting is the basis for calculation)

Valid Orders: Number of valid orders, order status = paid / Ready to Ship / being shipped / arriving (the number of days in the condition you set becomes the basis for calculation)

Gross Sales: Total sales of valid orders (the number of days in the conditions specified by you is the basis for calculation)

What features does the unsold products / low sales statistics table support? Could it be exported?

You can export operational reports data and view the export history of the Unsold Products Table, so you can quickly understand information on certain Unsold products, and optimize information or adjust the marketing strategy of Unsold products as quickly as possible.