1.Q: Why the product and order in some marketplace aren’t sync?

A: Make sure your store has been synchronized at the latest time, for problems with synchronization of several products or orders, you can also mark the product / order, then click the “Synchronize” button on each Dashboard.

2.Q: Why does my Ginee Chat appear blank?

A: This usually happens for Laptop users with OS Windows 7, you can Right-click on the Ginee Chat Icon, then click “properties”, then in the target column at the end of the format please fill in (space)–disable-gpu after that click “OK” and you can try again to run the Ginee Chat.

3.Q: Why do I always fail to display product from the draft?

A: This could be because you have not filled in the information column. It must be filled in (if you copy a product from 1 Marketplace to another Marketplace, there will be a new information column that must be filled in where the column follows the product information needs of each Marketplace.)

4.Q: How is the process of my Tokopedia Integration?

A: After filling in the Integration Form, you will be sent a Confirmation to your Tokopedia Email Address, Click Accept then the Integration process will automatically be carried out with an estimated 1-2 working days.

*Please be aware:

-Ginee will send a confirmation email every 11am and 5pm on weekdays, so if you fill out the form above 11pm then you will receive a confirmation email at 17.00pm, otherwise if you fill out the form above 17.00pm then you will receive a confirmation email on the next working day.

-If you do not receive a Confirmation in your Tokopedia Email, please contact our Seller Success team for the continuation of the Integration process.

5.Q: How long will it take for my JD.ID integration if the status is already on auth waiting?

A: The estimation of the process is 1-2 working days, but the validity of the data you provide will greatly affect the estimation of the integration process.

6.Q: Why is my shop getting a penalty from the Marketplace with an indication of duplicate products?

A: This can happen if you make a product copy without changing the name and product information being copied so that it is recorded that you are making a duplicate of the product, Ginee always advises each user to change the name and product information when you copy the product to avoid getting your account penalized.

7.Q: Why is my product not reduced in other marketplaces when there is a purchase in one of the marketplaces?

A: Pmake sure you check the stock management feature for the status of stock SKU.

If the stock status is:

  • No Update for Awhile: then please do update to the Store for the Stock SKU.
  • Partly Fail: Previous stock SKUs failed to update in some Marketplaces.

8.Q: Is Ginee legal?

A: Currently, Ginee is legally registered and any information such as product information, order information that Ginee can get from the Marketplace directly from the Marketplace. It can be seen when you do a store integration, you will be redirected to the official link from each Marketplace to carry out the authorization process.

*(every Marketplace has its own Integration and Authorization procedures)

9.Q: Does the Ginee automatically do the sync process?

A: Ginee has Auto-sync that can activate every 30 minutes, but please be aware that you have to be active on Ginee at least 1 day within the last 3 days.