To change the product name, description, length, width, height, and weight in bulk, you need to import an excel table. Please follow the steps below to import and edit product basic information at Ginee!

  • Select the store you want to edit
  • Download product data you want to edit
  • Edit and upload updated product data and see the result

Select the store you want to edit the product information

  1. You can select 1 store at 1 time
  2. Open product list Bukalapak and sort product that will be imported and edited (To edit in bulk with this method only work for 1000 products)
  3. Click Export/Import -> Import to update the basic information

Click “Upload Product Data”

  1. Uploaded data product is all selected/sorted product
  2. During uploading the product template, the selected product can not exceed 1000 product. If exceed 1000 products, hence, you need to re-sort according to created time. Created time is the first time synced with Ginee, and created time for each product could not be changed since the first time.

Edit Information Excel Table and Upload Product,

1. Things you need to watch during the uploading file:

  • The required fields could not be empty
  • If fields regarding length, width, height are empty, it will be considered as changing the value to empty. The length, width, and height must be either empty or filled.
  • Uploaded files must be in xlsx and xls, in the case of file xls only able to upload up to 5Mb. And the maximum product to import in 1 operation time is only 1000 products.

2. See the result after uploading the file.

  • Existing basic product information inactive tab, inactive, empty, and prohibited will be updated to store after the product successfully uploaded. Ginee will also show the information about the fail draft and product.
  • If the uploading process fails. Click “Upload fail data” to download fail data and see the reason. After fixed it, open “List Bukalapak Product -> Export/Import -> Import to upload and change the product information”