Ginee allows you to process  order cancellation requests by buyers on Shopee

1. Proceed order cancellation request as unit

You can check one order in the order list or on the order details page to process buyer’s cancellation request;

  1. Processing multiple order cancellation requests at once

You can select multiple orders in the order list to process the cancellation requests of these buyers at once

  1. Cancellation: You only need to choose to approve or reject the cancellation request submitted by the buyer. Information on whether or not the processing was successful will be shown in Ginee afterwards


Before you agree for the order cancellation, make sure to check whether the order already sent or not to avoid loss because the order already delivered

Before you agree to the buyer’s application or reject the buyer’s cancellation request, the order status will remain as “pending delivery”, after you agree to cancel the application, the order status will be updated to “cancelled”;