Currently, there are only 3 channels : Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, that support mass adding promotion information by Excel.

Due to the differences in field names and field limitation of the creation on these three channels, please select the channel store first, and download the import file of the corresponding channel, then complete the information input and file import operations

Operation reminder:

  1. Only support the creation of promotion the integrated store. If the store is not integrated or the store has expired, please move to the authorization management page to complete the operation after store authorization.
  2. Import files only support xls and xlsx formats, other files cannot be identified.
  3. Limited by channel API, can create promotion information maximum 1,000 product SKUs at a time.
  4. Please confirm that the product information used has been synchronized to the system before importing the file, otherwise the creation of the promotion will failed.
  5. Mass create promotion depends on the channel API, and different lengths of processing time will be required according to the number of products in the promotion. Please be patient. Products that fail to create will be displayed in the import failure file, and you can view the failure reasons by each channel.
  6. Please complete the promotion data maintenance according to the upload prompt in the imported file. The calculation of the promotion time will be processed in accordance with the default time zone set by the merchant in the system. Please be sure to complete the time zone confirmation before uploading.