Click Promotion Management, select the appropriate Shopee Channel and Store, here you can add Shopee promotions via Ginee

1. Specify the name of the promotion and the promotion period. The start time must not be earlier than the time when the promotion is created, and must be earlier than the time the period ends.

2. Select the product you want to promote. Currently, only online products are eligible to join the promotion.

3. Prepare promotion information for products that participate in the promotion, including promo prices, promo stock, purchase limit, and other information.

4. Things that need to be considered:

1) Promotion Stock could not be greater than Product Available Stock. To ensure that the actual available stock of promotion products on Ginee matches the channel, please make sure to sync product information first before adding new promotions

2) After the promotion has been successfully created, Promotion Stock for Products that are currently participating in the promotion is not allowed to be updated, please pay attention to filling in the stock information.

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