Employee Management

Feature Description

Support merchant to create staff account and give the sub account corresponding to store permission and assign roles (different functional permissions) to protect data security.


  1. If the same store is authorized to different staff, these staffcan view and manage these stores in Ginee Chat.
    • Example : Store A is authorized to Sub-account A, and store A is also authorized to Sub-account B, then employee A and employee B can receive and reply to messages from the store in Chat.
  1. After opening the staff account, different functional permissions can be set according to the role management, and you can set different role for different staff.

How to create staff account?

  1. Go to Account Centre — Staff Management
  2. Support delete, edit, deactivate/enable staff and changing passwords for staff

Role Management

Feature Description

Support to assign different roles for staff and add corresponding feature permision to the roles to protect data security.


The role can only deleted if there is no staff who has that role. Otherwise the deletion will failed.

How to create roles?

  1. Go to Account Centre — Role Management
  2. Support to add, delete, edit role and support to assign different role for different feature permission