There are two ways to add manual orders, by adding one by one and importing mass orders using templates.

1. Add Order

1.1 Open the All Order menu > click “Add Order” on the order list page, then you will go to the page to create a manual order.

1.2 Reference Order

To make order information filling faster, you can retrieve information from an existing order by clicking “Reference Order”, then the selected order information will be automatically entered into the order information column to be made.

1.3 Fill The Basic Order Information

Order ID number is not required, otherwise, the system will automatically create an order ID

1.4 Fill in Recipient Information

In the recipient confirmation field, you can fill in customer information manually or click “Select Customer” to select from previous customer information for automatic filling.

1.5 Fill in Product Information

Select a product and fill in the price and number of products. Products that can be selected are products from the Product Master list.

1.6 Fill in Payment Information

Total Order Amount = Total item price + Shipping Fee – Discount – Tax – Insurance – Service Fee – Commission Fee

The Payment Amount cannot be greater than the Total Order

1.7 Save Order

After the order information is filled in, you can select “Save” or select “Save & Continue Add” to continue filling other orders.

After saving the order, the page will move to a list of all orders.

2. Import Bulk Order

Open All Order menu > click “Import Order” on the order list page > download the template > fill in the information according to the template terms > save the file > click “Upload File” to complete the order import operation