Do you have an online business that is registered in the top e-commerce platforms in Indonesia? Good! Perhaps, you might want to expand your online business, knowing that most people nowadays hype up online shopping? If you feel the need to handle all your business, ask for help from Ginee Omnichannel!

Ginee Omnichannel, What Is It?

Ginee is a regional cloud-based SaaS Omnichannel platform that aims to help merchants manage their online stores in many marketplaces. Ginee has also affiliated with e-commerce platforms such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, JD.ID, Bukalapak, Blibli, and Shopify. If you own stores from those marketplaces, then, choosing Ginee as a business helper is the best option!

Ginee has useful features. You can do things related to business all at once in a single dashboard. Those features include product management, stock management, order management, promotion management, Ginee Chat, Ginee Fulfillment, plus analytics and reporting. Each element can boost your sales, save time, and budget!

What Has Ginee Omnichannel Accomplished?

Talking about triumph, Ginee has achieved diverse accomplishments. Since its soft launch on January 2nd, 2020, Ginee has been expanding the service to widen the merchants’ business opportunities and customers throughout Southeast Asia. It takes only a year to make the name ‘Ginee’ blow up!

Ginee Indonesia has gathered more than 47.000 merchants with 77 million Stock Keeping Units (SKU). Not only that, a total of over 57.000 active online stores have decided to cooperate with Ginee, resulting in 70+ million orders. Especially due to the pandemic, Ginee has also processed approximately USD320 million dollars of the gross product value.

Based on the 50% of people who have experienced their business journey with Ginee Omnichannel, admit that their sales are showing a constant increase. That can be calculated in numbers; 80% of both sales increase and work efficiency. What a huge number!

What Do Ginee’s Loyal Customers Say?

Ginee has not only achieved great numbers in helping merchants manage their stores and simplify their needs in doing business, but also trust! The good news is, those who have been utilizing Ginee as an Omnichannel third-party gave amazing reviews toward the management system and dashboard operation. Wanna know more?

Gramedia – 5 Star!

George Souisa, as the COO of Gramedia, said that using Ginee has been giving more benefits than before. According to Souisa, Ginee has become the most excellent Omnichannel platform when it comes to handling products, orders, customers, and serving the best solution to overcome any problem.

NTZen – 5 Star!

Based on NTZen, Ginee for them is like an angel coming from heaven! Ginee can help them in doing copy-paste products and store information from one to another easily. Plus, the stock management feature is best to be relied on. NTZen has not gained any complaints from each of their online stores yet. This means good news!

Toko EFBI – 5 Star!

Toko EFBI sells food and beverage products on marketplaces. They are greatly satisfied with the Ginee Chat feature. Ginee Chat is one of the useful features from Ginee that enables merchants to read and reply to all chats from different stores and marketplaces.

Toko EFBI said that using Ginee Chat, they can respond to their customers quickly due to the sophisticated digital management system. They do not need to open each store in a different marketplace to be responsive. Only with a single Ginee’s dashboard, customers are well-served!

Have Further Questions? Ask Ginee Now!

Do you have questions related to Ginee and how it works? Ask Ginee’s customer service! Do not wait any longer, Ginee will always prioritize your questions and problems!

Register Ginee Omnichannel, Get Free Trial!

Who wants a free trial for 7 days full to enjoy all the features of Ginee Omnichannel? You definitely can if you register to Ginee now! Turn yourself into a millionaire by managing your online business more efficiently. Save time, save budget, and boost sales increase! Do not miss this opportunity, let’s try or regret it later!